Advise on selling a ML-1...

Brother Boze

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Hey all, I'm not proposing to sell it through this forum, not sure if that's allowed, but I am looking for some advise on going price, price to include upgrades, worth selling to help fund a newer Chapman,...maybe?
thanks in advance on any input.


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What model are we talking about? Everything from model and condition to the upgrades done to it affects the price and while I wouldn't expect to make anything back on what's spent on the upgrades, things like high-end pickups carry their own value more so than hardware upgrades.

If I were to make a rough estimate based on mint-condition stock models I would say something like:
- Chinese models: £150-200 depending on model, a bit more on the limited edition models (the right buyer will probably pay a lot more for a Lost ML-1 or a mint condition ML-1).

- Early Korean models: £300-400 depending on the model, more for the limited edition models. These seem to sit close to the prices they had at retail, maybe a bit under. They held their value because Chapman increased the prices before the revamp of the range; The exact same 2012/2013 ML-1 was almost £200 more expensive before the range was updated. Same goes for the ML-3 were the exact same guitar got a massive price hike when the range was revamped.

New models: ~80% of the retail price (I'm guessing these will go down to ~60% of retail price with time). Might be a bit more difficult to find a buyer but since the relaunch they're all still "new" and should follow the regular rule of thumb for pricing.

The estimations for the new and Chinese models are just my impression from taking a look at the market, the estimation of the early korean models is based on selling one of those a couple of years ago and looking at the market now, the prices are the same now as then. I'd recommend you to take a look at the market yourself though, take my estimations with a grain of salt.