A wild newbie appears..

Well, green things and sanitations..

For the bulk of the last twenty years or so, most people have known me as Ceryn, not my real name of course, but its what I've been known as online, and that's all the really seems to count these days. I'm in my earlyish forties, and hail from the middle of this green and pleasant land that we call Englandshire.

In my late teens I picked up a cheap electric guitar and never really got along with it, something just didn't gel for me, whether it was the cheesewire strings or something else entirely, after a few weeks, I completely gave up. Fast forward to the present day, I was watching a livestream a few months ago, and the presenter was randomly playing their acoustic, and I was inspired, something made me suddenly want to pick up a guitar again, so I hopped onto amazon and bought myself a random electro acoustic, a few days later it arrived, and it sounded good, and a few youtube videos later, I could play a whole chord! I was hooked and I wanted more. So I went off and bought myself an epiphone AFD kit, which was cheap enough but just made me want more..

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do, I knew I needed something to motivate me. So I decided to buy myself an 'aspirational' guitar, something I could aspire to one day play well, but what did I want? A Gibson? a PRS? a Fender? I didn't know.. so I turned to youtube, I started watching videos, and very soon found myself watching the various videos that come out of Andertons, and when I stopped laughing at the silliness and absorbing random information about various things, I still had no idea of what I was looking for, so in the end, I went to their site, and started browsing, set myself a budget and hoped for the best. I'd flicked through a few pages, muttering to myself about how this guitar or that guitar didnt 'feel' right to me, and then suddenly my eyes stopped on the ML3 Pro Modern, it was cherry red and appeared to have everything I wanted. Didn't take long before I had pulled the trigger and it was on its way to me.

So the day came, and the guitar arrived, I opened the box and to me, it was like someone switched the lights on, I ran my fingers over the surface and knew that this was the exact guitar that I needed in my life, couple that with the Boss Katana 100 that I'd just got, and the Orange Micro Dark that I use as a headphone amp.

Its going to be a long time before I am any good at playing it, work has a habit of getting in my way, but eventually I will.. and I will also find a way to resist the urge to invest even more money in any more shiny things.

And if you've gotten this far.. why? WHY are you still here? it's over... go home!

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Haha! That’s a fantastic and thoroughly lovely intro post @CerYndrion
And what a fab guitar to inspire you too
Settle in, get comfy and I’ll pop the kettle on..