9 years ago this week..


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Is this a vintage Rob Chapman thread? Travel back in time with me to vintage Chapman, Rob sorry brother you are old enough to be vintage now lol!

Screen shot from the first private video lesson I purchased from Rob on 4/29/2008.

I knew Rob would become a legend after watching the first lesson he sent me, and his early YouTube video which advertised video lessons which is how I first met him. Vintage Rob was hilarious, much like today's modern re-issue Rob.

In this screen shot below Rob was teaching me hammer pulls and had just done like 150 hammer pulls in 3 seconds then paused to say, "I would do this until you feel a BURN in your forearm, when you get a BURN in your forearm its all good." You have to imagine his British accent and emphasis on BURN lol.

But seriously these early private video lessons he filmed for me are jam packed with knowledge. Rob can keep it simple and fun for the student, or guide you deep into the technique, physical mechanics, theory, etc. Later in life when Rob isn't so busy perhaps he will have the time to preserve his teaching knowledge digitally for future generations.


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The Monkey Lord Forum opened its doors.

Who else is still on here from those heady days?

Yep 2009 I joined. Also attended some of Rob's VERY early clinics in wiltshire and did the monkey lord experience when he was still living there also. I also remember the filming of a DVD there which we attended which never saw the light of day - hey ho.