10 Year Gear Challenge...Bring it on!


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Is that a Raw Power Les Paul in the middle? Love those guitars, missed out on one a few years back and have regretted it ever since.
yup, best £400 I ever spent. 57's are my favorite gibson pickup as well. great recording guitar, phonically my firebird is amazing so live it really has something but the LP is so consistent in the studio.



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These are the 3 guitars I played 10 years ago.

  • The white one is a Peavey HP Special EX. A friend of mine got me a great deal on it. It cost me nearly nothing. I just wanted a Floyd Rose 6-string for my band at the time. I upgraded the bridge pickup to a Dimarzio Crunchlab. It was actually a nice guitar for the money. I later turned it into a single humbucker guitar with 1 EMG81 in it before trading it in for something else. I don't even remember what. The picture is of my actual guitar.
  • The PRS is the 6-string I have had since 2005. I still have it today. 10 years ago I had just upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncan JB and 59's. The chrome covers made the guitar look classier. It originally has exposed black bobbins. This is the guitar that I always forget I own and don't know why I never used it in any of my bands. This will change this week. I am taking it to band practice. This guitar is too goo to not use. It currently has an EMG Het Set in black chrome in it, which is nice. Again, the picture is of my actual guitar.
  • Lastly, my Schecter Omen Extreme 7-string guitar. The picture is form the internet. I don't have any pictures of this guitar. I went to the store looking for an Ibanez 7. For me, if I want 7, Ibanez is the only way to go. Unfortunately, I let the sales guy talk me into getting the Schecter in stead. He did make me a good deal, so fair enough, I got it. I could never get used to it, though. The 26.5" scale just didn't suit me. I used it in my band for a bit but it wasn't comfortable for full gigs. It got replaced by the white Peavey in that band. I sold it to a guy I knew at the time for a decent price. I don't really play 7's anymore, but I do own an Ibanez K-7.
That's it for 10 years ago. I have to sort out pictures of my current set of guitars. I will get back to that.

The white one 394373_327942470571833_1682539240_n.jpg PRS -10.jpg Schecter.jpg

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10 years ago, I wasn't playing. I had for about 10 years from the time I was 14 or so, and it started with this:

Found it in Grandma's garage when I was a kid. 10 years ago it was stored in my work shed. I pulled it out and dusted it off about 6 years ago and started picking at it again, but finally started relearning how to play more seriously a couple years after that.
God, I fucking hated that Epiphone, nostalgia be damned. So glad I traded it away. I hope it's gotten love and some refurb, though. Could be a great guitar for someone else.

Picked up a bunch since then, and most helped me figure out how and what I want to play. So last weekend the quick journey led me to buy probably the most common guitar in the world. :p And I'm in love with it. :D
It's easily the most accommodating guitar I have, getting closest to giving me what I hear in my head. It's the boss of the trio that I just posted about, the ones I'm keeping for sure.

If my Agile had better pickups that weren't so damn muddy it could compete for El Primero. It plays so easily and sustains for days.
My Chapman needs a pickup upgrade, and while I love the feel of how it plays, I just wish the neck was thicker, every time I play it.
I have had this homebuild Stratocaster since 1995 or so with Schecter ash body dated September 1977, Fender Eric Clapton signature neck 1990 and Fender CS69 1998 pickups.

So far only 3 upgrades. The last time was 2014 where the most physical change was to Fender US gold hardware. DSC_0001.JPG