1. punchlinecharlie

    Henchman Pickup Color Codes?

    So, I'm going to be doing some rewiring of my ML3-Bea, and I was wondering if anyone knew what the color codes were for Chapman pickups? I'm going to be using a Seymour Duncan Diagram, so I just need to know how they translate.
  2. Uptown

    Gibson pickups in 2019, up to scratch or not?

    Greetings folks, this is one of my guitar related opinions that usually gets people hot under the collar, interested to see what you folks reckon. Now we all know Gibson have had a myriad of issues over the last few years, but for me the main thing that has put me off ever buying a new Gibson...
  3. B

    ML1 Baritone- Pickups and tone pot replacment

    Love my ML1 baritone, amazing bang for the buck, but - the tone pot is very "inaccurate" (to much of a non-linearity thing, opens up really fast), and the pickups themselves lack high-end and clarity. Has anyone experienced these issues and\or changed pickups for it and can share any insight?
  4. Wiggie

    Pickup building question

    I'm looking into making my own pickups for a guitar i'm building and I have a question about the magnets. Alnico magnets usually have a warmer sound and ceramic usually has a brighter, clearer sound, right? so would it be possible/practical to use (in a tele pickup design) a mix of ceramic and...
  5. Naigewron

    Tele pickup comparison video - Alexander Pribora Blues Classic vs MiM Telecaster Standard stock

    I swapped out the stock pickups in my Mexican Standard Telecaster a couple of days ago. Just before leaving to do the swap I recorded some very quick licks using all different pickup combinations and a few different gain levels. Then I recorded them again using the same pickup combos and gain...
  6. I

    Pickup crooked on ML2 Pro

    I recently bought a Chapman ML-2 Pro Modern. It is great so far except the left side of the bridge pickup is lower than the right side. Raising and lowering it has no effect on the this tilt. How can I fix this?
  7. P

    Hot Rail/Cool Rail/ Lil 59 coil split

    I want to have a coil tap configuration with Seymour Duncan pickups, is from neck to bridge Hot Rail - Cool Rail - Lil' 59 a good working combination? And if I want to wire the two rail pickups for coil split, should I use push/pull pots or switches?
  8. The_Dude_NV

    ML3 Modern Standard Pickup Size?

    Hey everyone, I apologize if this answer is right in front of my face and I'm not seeing it, but I was wondering what size pickups the ML3 Modern Standard has? Is it the standard Dimarzio size or Duncan? I know this doesn't pertain to PUPs, but if anyone knows, is there a pair of Hipshot...
  9. Brad_A

    ML1 standard Baritone pickup noise

    Got my new ML1 baritone this week. Sounds good and the neck is awesome. This guitar has one volume knob and one push-pull tone knob. I’ve noticed when the pickup coils are tapped (in single mode), there is some noise buzzing which I’d expect a bit because of the single coils, but I notice if I...
  10. rockin_roo13

    Humbucker sized P90s

    I'm sure this is a thread, but I couldn't find it, so if it is one already feel free to point me in the right direction. I've had a Gibson SG for a few years now, and really like it. It's got the very common 498 or what ever pickup combination (the man knows his stuff). Though recently I've...
  11. J Herrera

    ML-3 Traditional Modification Idea (asking feedback)

    So I own a ML-3 Trad in blue, and I really like metal and high gain tones. I want to upgrade my ml-3 one of two ways: convert the bridge pickup to a humbucker or put a mini humbucker (like Seymour Duncan hot rails). Can someone tell me how difficult/expensive it is to turn it into a humbucker in...
  12. R

    New ML-1 pickup set for fusion-esque vibe

    Hi all, This is my first post here, so hopefully I've posted in the right place! If not, please move thread as appropriate! I currently have a Chapman ML-1 natural (mahogony body) and I'm looking to upgrade the pickups. It currently has H-S-S routing, although I'd be happy to route...
  13. bad alice

    Sold Set of Fender Custom Shop 69 single coils

    Looking to trade, sell or part exchange my set of Fender Custom Shop '69 single coil pickups for something a little bit hotter (between 6-7k DC) This set of 69s all measure 5.3k (they have the number 54 written in each of them which my investigations on the Fender forum revealed was probably a...
  14. Reddfoxx141

    What tone pots to get for ML1?

    Ive just got an ML1 but the tone pots are too loose so I want to upgrade them but I don't know what pots to get. What specifications should they be and any suggestions for which pots?
  15. J

    ML-2 with Gibson Pickups

    Hey guys, I'm saving money for a second guitar, because I want to buy a new one as soon I've played for a full year. At the moment I have an Ibanez RG421-WK which will be tuned down to Drop B when I get a second guitar for Rock in Standard or maybe half-step-down tuning. However, I've played...
  16. igrajinji

    HELP - Pickup hight for ML2?

    sup guys? After talking to lots of guitar players I know and a huge research on YouTube, I've decided I'm fitting in BKP-s in my chapman ML2 - Abraxas neck (I'm also considering the Emerald) and Nailbomb alnico bridge to be exact. Now, after google+raiding the forum I understood I need a...