amp advice

  1. T

    Amp choice for Gary Moore/ David Gilmour tones - losing my hair.

    Hi guys, I'll try and keep this simple and hopefully your wisdom will help me. Quick notes: Beginner Prs se custom 24. 85/15's Preferred amp: (will get either at some point) Fender bassbreaker 15 with (eventually)blues driver pedal. Laney Lionheart L5t-112 with tube screamer/delay/bd pedals...
  2. M

    Any experience with using OD pedals with the MOOER Preamp Live?

    I’m looking to upgrade my rig. My current plan is to go [guitar] -> [pedalboard] -> [HK TubeMeister 18] -FX send-> [remaining effects pedals] -> [MOOER Radar cab sim] -> [headphones / recording interface / power amp / PA]. In this scenario, the upgrade would be to replace my old practice amp...
  3. B

    Laney LC30 II for retro-metal/classic rock sound?

    I'm looking for a cheap ($700 absolute max), all-tube combo amp that can play Vaughan, Sabbath, Zeppelin and also some newer stuff like The Sword, plus the ability to play some grunge and metal satisfactorily; a good, classic overdriven sound. Nothing too new-sounding, and nothing that is only...
  4. Chris S.

    Help me finding my ideal first tube amp

    Hello everyone! First of all thank you for spending your free time helping guys like me with their gear questions. I will give you a short introduction to my situation. I am a beginner guitar player who just started to play this January at the age of 23. Yet I have been wanting to play since...
  5. Robstafarian

    Common Amp Advice Questions

    After helping dozens (quite possibly hundreds) of people in their respective amp hunts, I think that amp advice threads would be much more productive if they began with answers to following questions: Where are you located? What is your budget? What guitars do you play, and what pickups are in...