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  1. Neilybob100

    Just in from Japan, a beautiful 70's ES335/ES330 copy

    Welcome to the family a beautiful early 70's Greco SA500 completely hollow (no middle block) beauty. This thing has lots of MOJO! I can't believe how good condition this is in for a guitar that's around 45-50years old. No buckle rash. Binding is almost in perfect condition. Neck is a nice D...
  2. Neilybob100

    Peter Green has passed away

    Sad to hear Peter Green has passed away today. I've only recently discovered how amazing he was. Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. Neilybob100

    NPD - Snarling Dogs The Super BAWL Whine-O

    I'm the kinda guy that likes to have lots of options. When I tried the original Crybaby it sounded good but didn't give me many options. Being a Slash fan I upgraded to the Slash wah (the red one) with the built in distortion unit. After a while the 18v power supply and the annoying digital...
  4. Neilybob100

    NPDs - Silver and green

    The postieman has put a smile on me face today! He delivered these beauties. Having bought an Evil Robot amp and being a Phil X fan and never having tried a tubescreamer style pedal before this Digitech Bad Monkey said "buy me!!" It's in great condition and boxed. I don't think it's ever been...
  5. Neilybob100

    NGD - 80's MIJ Fernandes RTE60 '59 in white tele

    Today is a bigger for me! I'm 40! Wonderful wife wanted to get me something to mark the occasion and what better way to add to my collection of MIJ lawsuit Fernandes strats and Burny LP's than a traditional Fernandes telecaster. This is a RTE-60 '59 in white. Believe this to be special order...
  6. Neilybob100

    NGD - Burny 80's MIJ Rock n Roll

    It's here after travelling halfway around the world!! This is a late 80's Burny SG-55 Junior. It's a very good copy of the Gibson SG junior. It does have a couple of battle scars but nothing serious. The photos on the original advert weren't that great but these don't come up very often so I...
  7. Neilybob100

    Sold - A rare Fender MiM classic player P90 black dove telecaster deluxe

    I'm struggling to do this but time has come to let one go (insert fart noise) (especially as I have 2 NGD coming soon). This is a rare Fender MiM classic player P90 black dove telecaster deluxe. The guitar is in very good technical and physical condition. Comes with Fender gig bag though the...
  8. Neilybob100

    Pedalboard layout - aaarrgghh

    Sorry for a another pedalboard design thread but I've got lots to consider and any help from you experience folk would be great appreciated. Basically I've got two options as far as I can see - Option 1. Gigrig midi 8 > Keeley Compressor > Ventura Vibe > Angry Driver + Red Remote > Moondriver...
  9. Neilybob100

    NPSD - Generator!

    I've grabbed a new to me PSU for my new pedalboard build. Gigrig generator PSU Gigrig Disturbutor 2x Gigrig isolator Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  10. Neilybob100

    Building a custom pedalboard from 2 bedside tables!

    So I had this crazy idea to create a custom pedalboard. I fell in love Mick's SA450 green pedalboard but the price tag is a bit steep for me. I've chosen to try to use 2 old pine bedside tables I picked up off of Gumtree for 15 notes. I have limited wood work ( 0% ) experience so this should...
  11. Neilybob100

    I'm WAH shopping. Can you help?

    So I've just sold me Dunlop Crybaby SW95 Slash Wah. The wah was great but it had a built in distortion circuit which was crazy mad which also meant it required a separate 18v adaptor which was a pain for a feature I didn't use. This was my first ever wah pedal. So I'm now Wah shopping! Any...
  12. Neilybob100

    SOLD - Dunlop Slash Crybaby SW95 WAH pedal with built in distortion in unit

    I have for sale this pedal and I'm in based in Reading Berkshire UK. Never gigged has been used. Fully tested as working. Has velcro on the bottom. Boxed with PSU and adjustment allen key. £90 posted for you guys. Going on Evilbay tomorrow afternoon. Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  13. Neilybob100

    NAD - The good, the bad and the Evil Robot's

    So I compare this to Chris Buck getting his Pre CBS Strat at a house clearance. I won a Evil Robot C-30 combo amp on Evilbay earlier this week. Got it for the starting price which is about right as these are now an older amp. If you haven't heard of them, this is an amp made by Kasha...
  14. Neilybob100

    I'm considering buying a soldering iron

    I haven't tried soldering since my school days ( some time ago). But I'm seriously considering buying a soldering iron to be able to - +Resolve/mod guitar wiring issues. +Resolve/mod pedal wiring issues. I see lots of pedal mod kits on Evilbay. Any advice about where is best to start for...
  15. Neilybob100

    NPD - It's Thorpy time!

    So cursing the net has finally paid off, I scored an amazing pedal for a great price. Thorpyfx The Veteran arrived earlier this week in an almost perfect condition. The only reason you'd know it was used is the four small squares velcro on the bottom of the pedal. This is a dual function...
  16. Neilybob100

    TPS - Wow Mick's clean tone through a fuzz face is epic!

    Wow the clean tone Mick gets from 21:00 to 23:00 is hair raisingly amazing. He used a Strat with the volume turned right down into a fuzz face turned up to the max for fuzz and volume into a cranked Marshall. I watched this and then rushed home and tried the same. I set my Strat volume to 6...
  17. Neilybob100

    NPD - Joker face pedal

    I've just received my Digitech Ventura Vibe pedal. This little box has a lot of modulation. Univibe, vibrato and lesley rotary. Jimi eat your heart out! Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  18. Neilybob100

    Before I buy TC Mini Spark tell me what boost pedal you use and why?

    I need a boost pedal to boost my Peavey Classic 30 JD30-T. Any recommendations? I'm considering buying the mini spark from TC Electronics. Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  19. Neilybob100

    An OD pedal that uses liquid?!! WTFudge!

    Well this is one way to stand out in the mass expands that is the ever growing pedal market. An OD pedal that uses liquid!! It won't make a sound until you pour liquid into it. Imagine playing a gig in a packet bar and someone pours beer in it. Surely this is just one step to far in the...
  20. Neilybob100

    NAD - Marshall Lead 12 - I just couldn't say no!

    They don't make 'em like this anymore! The guy stole it (it was a bargain!) from said it's from 1987. Best £50 I've spent in a while! Very nice clean Marshall sound. Actually quite loud for such a little thing. Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk