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  1. Crispy

    Are Chapman Guitars coming to Musicians Friend anytime soon?

    I was very excited to hear that Chapman Guitars are being sold through Guitar Center. I prefer to do business with their sister company Musicians Friend. Is there any word of when Chapman may be sold through Musicians Friend?
  2. Crispy

    Improving Your Modal Feel

    Improving your modal feel Modes are really cool tools to use in writing and playing. I think the way in which I learned modes was a bit confusing and left me unable to really applying them correctly. I learned modes from a scale book. It gave good instructions on what they were and looked...
  3. Crispy

    Jazz it Up! Minor 7's and Major 7's

    Here is a tip. I haven't seen many posts or articles that talk about this subject. It was something I kinda just ran into while jamming. Let's say you just wrote a cool melody line and you decided to back it with typical major chords, or maybe you are wanting to cover a song that uses major...
  4. Crispy

    Cooking and Recipes

    Are there any cooks here? Please share some of your favorite recipes.
  5. Crispy

    Diminished Scales, Soloing in a Major Key

    My apologies if this is common knowledge that I missed or someone has already posted something similar. I will preface this post with, I am NO theory expert. As a youngster, before all guitar knowledge was on YT, I wanted to play aggressive, heavy, dark sounding Metal. So armed with my trusty...
  6. Crispy

    Epiphone Les Paul Sl

    I got one of these to tinker with. What mods would you do?
  7. Crispy

    Hi !

    My name is Chris P. So my friends call me Crispy. I am a guitar-aholic. I wish to hangout here and feed my guitar addiction.