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  1. Felix

    New Strat Has Arrived

    Today I got my 2018 Fender MIJ FSR 60's Traditional Strat in Midnight. Took a quick pic with my rig.
  2. Felix

    Can We Sell/Link non "Guitar" items on forum?

    Currently I am trying to sell off a load of stuff for two reasons. One is because my folks and I, are selling the house and there is too much "stuff" in my room. The second is to pay for a 2018 Midnight Black "Fender Japan FSR traditional 60s Stratocaster" , in time for me to have the guitar...
  3. Felix

    For Sale Fender Stratocaster Parts

    Hi guys, as I am getting myself a new Strat that will go with my Les Paul Custom, I've decided that I'm going to strip down my Mex Stratocaster that I made into a sorta Strat Plus replica. To start, my Mex Strat body is an Alder body circa 2014, in Lake Placid Blue. Over all it's in pretty...
  4. Felix

    Finally Learning Some Different Songs - Please Recommend Great Songs To Try & Learn

    After finally getting my Silver Jubilee repaired after a year and then doing some much needed upkeep on my Gibson Les Paul Custom, I'm now starting to push myself to learn some different songs. As most of the "older" members of the forums know, I typically play a lot of Grunge and 90's music...
  5. Felix

    For Sale/Trade Some of my Boss pedals (PS-5 , DS-1 , DD-2)

    Hi everyone, I'm currently selling some of my less used Boss pedals, as I just don't use them enough and with my folks and I moving in the near future, I could do with making some space. To start, I have my Boss PS-5 Super Shifter, which is a pitch shift pedal and one I've never really been...
  6. Felix

    WTB Fender Strat Neck (Mex/Jap/USA) or a Mex/Jap Strat

    For the last couple of years, my Mex Stratocaster has had a very cheap Squire neck attached to it and thus has been untouched. Not fussed what fretboard material it has, but really need to be a genuine Fender neck with the Fender script on it. If anyone has one for sale, I could pay a deposit...
  7. Felix

    Finally Getting My Silver Jubilee Fixed

    To start off, I'll just say "Hi All" to everyone, as I've not been on the forums for a long time. In September last year, while maxing out my Marshall 2555x, something blew and I was unable to get any sound from it, even though it powered on. After many months of getting advice and...
  8. Felix

    Just spent the weekend making two PC's from two PC's!

    With my dad properly retired now, he didn't need anything fancy PC wise. I was also worried because he was using a hack to run MacOS and it was so out of date it was a security risk. Anyway, between the PC I had (LGA1156 i7) and his PC (LGA1150 i5) I ended up making a really nice gaming PC for...
  9. Felix

    Forza Motorsport 7 Windows 10

    Hey guys, as some of you might know, I am a big fan of GT-Sport and it was the reason I bought not just a PS4, but also a PS4-Pro when my first PS4 died. I also went ahead at the time and got myself a Thrustmaster T300RS and the Premium Pedal Set, as I had to sell my Impreza P1 and still wanted...
  10. Felix

    New Gibson Line Up - Finally What Players Want?

    I've just been on YouTube and watched a number of videos about Gibson's new line up. My jaw kinda hit the floor as they are doing things that seem to be making sense! Solid bodies (no more weight relief Swiss cheese bullshit)!, classic designs with traditional pots and good quality parts all...
  11. Felix

    Desperate Need Of Help With Fixing My Silver Jubilee / Oxford Area

    Way back in September last year, I managed to blow a valve on my Silver Jubilee. What I assumed would be straight forward to get fixed as turned into a real nightmare for me. When I asked some guitar buddies who live locally to me, about where I could get it fixed, they all listed the same...
  12. Felix

    YouTube Video With My Car

    Last Saturday I drove down to Surrey to let a young YouTuber who does a lot of content on the BMW Z4 film with my car. As the regular members on here know, with my spinal problems, it is very difficult for me to get out very much and I don't have the stamina a "normal" person does. I actually...
  13. Felix

    World of Warcraft

    As I had mentioned in some other threads/posts, I am returning to WoW after not being able to get into my account as I had forgotten to remove the authenticator from my account, when I formatted the iPhone that had the special app's individual serial code. I don't have photo ID and due to me...
  14. Felix

    NGD - USA Fender Strat With Added Special Sauce

    Hi everyone. I few weeks ago I let my Gibson Flying V go as I just wasn't playing it. This was due to the humbuckers being some of the hottest I had ever played. Even though they were the same model as my previous V's, these were on a whole different level of output. I would have to adjust so...
  15. Felix

    Mick Ronson Documentary

    Just watched the Mick Ronson Documentary on Sky Arts (On the Now Player online) and my god, I always loved the way he played live, but I never knew how vital he was for Bowies with Ziggy Stardust. The guy was a fucking genius with way more than the guitar. One of the forum members on here told...
  16. Felix

    Fender Strat Custom Shop Pick Up's

    I've managed to get my hands onto a nice USA Strat, which for some unknown reason the previous owner put a Strat Plus pickguard on with all it's gubbings. While I love Lace Sensors there is zero point in me having two Strats loaded with Lace Golds. I could get the other set I like, but I fancy...
  17. Felix

    Sold Fender USA Stratocaster / Charvel

    I've just sold off my Gibson Flying V and I'm wanting to get myself an USA Strat or a nice Charvel guitar. Was hoping someone on here might be will to sell one to me in the near future? Regards, Felix
  18. Felix

    NGD - A bit of matching Marshall Content

    As most of you know, I've owned a Silver Jubilee reissue for a number of years and was running it through a Victory Silverback 4x12 @sparrowsblade had been messaging me, trying to get it back and I didn't really want to. So to call his bluff, I said I would only trade is for a Vintage 30 loaded...
  19. Felix

    My PS4 died so I got a PS4 Pro

    When I was playing Final Fantasy 14 online back in March, it was starting to makes really unhealthy noises. When the machine was in standby mode, it would start beeping for no reason and whenever I had FF on, the fans would be going at their max RPM, making so much bloody noise. For xmas and...
  20. Felix

    WTB American Stratocaster / Possible Trade 2008 67' Gibson Flying V

    I was wondering if anyone had an American Strat they might be interested in selling and working out a deal with me for? I'm open for doing some P/X for some of my rare and expensive Boss pedals if any take your fancy. Also willing to maybe do a deal involving my Flying V, if it's a special type...