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  1. Joey

    For Sale 1977 MARSHALL JMP 2204

    After picking up its bigger brother, I'm getting rid of this stellar amp. Gotta pay the bills! Blurb from FB: Selling my vintage 1977 Marshall JMP 2204 (50W). Local pickup preferred however will post if buyer arranges a suitably insured courier. Originally sourced from James Beatson via eBay...
  2. Joey

    NGD: Relic content

    I decided to put together a Strat over the past few months. I think I'm noticing a bit of a theme: With a near identical configuration to my Esquire, this SC Relics Strat is wired with a Dimarzio Chopper in the bridge position and a push/pull volume (coil splitting) to provide a surprisingly...
  3. Joey

    N(V)AD: Double down

    So, it's here. If you don't already know from the picture, its a Marshall Super Bass from 1980 (model no. 1992). The tolex is well worn but internally the components function perfectly (recently serviced by Stoneham Amplification). Some more pics: Great sounding head! I'm yet to...
  4. Joey

    NGD - surfs up (SC Relics Esquire)

    Glad to be able to say that my build from @Lone Star is finished, after much anticipation. Wired with a single volume and series/parallel switching, this Esquire is absolutely epic. Its got a huuuuuge fat neck and matching headstock - hard to go wrong really! Pics: Thank you once...
  5. Joey


    Apologies for having to create another thread for this but due to a time waster this amp is still for sale. See this thread for details and scroll down for gratuitous pictures. I'm now looking for £200, with free postage to anywhere in the UK for forumites. Comes with original box/power cable...
  6. Joey


    Good evening! Lack of usage on my part means that this little combo amp should be shifted so I can use the funds for other G.A.S. related afflictions. Please see this thread for pictures and info; overall, this wee amp is cracking for home usage but is also as loud as needs be for other...
  7. Joey


    Recently I've just not been using this pedal as much so want to move it on! Great sounds (as you would expect - see recommended settings in pics lol) and in perfect condition. Accompanied by the original box and manual/warranty card. I'm looking for £65 and as always I'm happy to cover the...
  8. Joey

    Sold MK.I Mesa V Twin

    A great opportunity to score an amp means that this needs to go. I don't have the original box for it however I do have the 12V power supply! The unit works perfectly and can provide some killer crunch and high gain tones. £175 takes it and I'm happy to cover the postage.
  9. Joey

    Sold 1964/5 Gibson SG Junior

    Those who like their guitars pristine should read no further. Another guitar and a holiday this year is meaning I need to move on my SG. :dog: See pictures for condition. There are no structural breaks or deficiencies on the guitar, everything in terms of wear is purely cosmetic. Someone gave...
  10. Joey


    Need the cash dudes so looking to shift on my original (non reissue) BOSS CE-2 and DM-2. The chorus is a blue label and the delay a black label; both are in a gigged condition but function perfectly as BOSS gear does! Looking for £150 for the CE2 and £185 for the delay, or go big and take both...
  11. Joey

    For Sale MESA 'V-TWIN' preamp pedal (mk.I)

    Recently purchased however a bit too bass - heavy for my needs. Sellotape switch labels can be removed with no residue and overall the pedal is in v. good condition. Comes without the original box but can include the 12V power supply at no extra cost. Advertised on FB groups for £250 but any...
  12. Joey

    NPD x2

    Recently I've had a great time experimenting with effects and have managed to settle on a couple of effects which compliment my rig, namely an original Boss DM2 and a Mk. I Mesa V-Twin. :) Both sound great! The Mesa is essentially a tube - based preamp, capable of running into the front...
  13. Joey

    NCD (Matamp content)

    Found a great deal from a local guy yesterday, allowing me to complete my tower of tonal destruction: A 4x12 Matamp speaker cabinet, made in the UK. It came with a quad of Celestion Hot 100 speakers which, when compared to the V30's in my Zilla, have a better bass response that the other cab...
  14. Joey


    After selling @Felix my LP Deluxe, I was looking to replace it as my #1 with a few changes in mind this time. Gigging that Les Paul was hard work, seeing as it weighed a fair bit and was quite chunky in general. After trawling FB and the gear forums I finally settled on a guitar that really...
  15. Joey

    First look at Gibson 2017

    Check these out! Thoughts? The blue firebird is rather lovely. :D
  16. Joey

    NAD: a familiar beast

    There isn't much I can really add here, when you consider all that has been said about this particular amp on here already. @Lone Star sent a really top notch 1977 JMP 2204 earlier this week and having had a go on it, I can confirm all the great qualities of this amp. Sounds awesome! Pictured...
  17. Joey

    For Sale/Trade 1979 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

    Evening all! Testing the waters to see if there is any interest for this, as I fancy a bit of a change! All original aside from from Schallers which were fitted many years ago. Sounds and plays fantastically, although quite weighty as you may imagine. Would listen to potential trades if you...
  18. Joey

    007 (NAD)

    One may be able to deduce from the sharp suits and fast cars that Agent James Bond, had he played guitar, would be a tone chaser. Being away on covert spec op missions often, he would probably require something small and tasty sounding for those long weekends in Shanghai fighting bad guys that...
  19. Joey

    Sold SOLD Fender American Standard Stratocaster (2011 model)

    Evening good people of the MLF, hope you are well. I'm looking to shift my strat for the sum of £500 in order to pay for studio time. The guitar in question is a 2011 American Standard, in Olympic White with a rosewood fingerboard. Everything on the guitar is stock in accordance to the specs of...
  20. Joey

    Decent! Hendrix content.

    Any one a fan of Trailer Park Boys? Bubbles does a Hendrix guitar lesson, with a cameo from the one and only Eddie Kramer!