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  1. EMM

    Rant: Live Backing/Click Tracks

    Here's another subject that makes my blood boil! I fortunately live walking distance from a decent live venue which has live music on most Saturdays, so I rarely go a week without watching a live band! I recently saw an 80s synthpop tribute band that were playing there and I decided to go and...
  2. EMM

    How hard is it to find like-minded bandmates?

    The answer to this question is "Extremely hard" in this neck of the woods! Let me rephrase the question. Why is it so hard to find like-minded bandmates? So, I'm really eager to start a band and getting bored of being a bedroom player but I am not having any luck. Even though there is a very...
  3. EMM

    Bassists or Drummers, Which is more important?

    After taking a break from the forum, I feel like being a bit controversial. I may be beating a dead horse a bit with this topic as it has most likely been discussed before, but I was watching a Q&A video with Adam Neely on his Youtube channel and an interesting question popped up. It appears...
  4. EMM

    John Wetton RIP

    2017 is not looking good so far... Asia are one of my favourite bands as well. No wonder I woke up this morning feeling very shitty.
  5. EMM

    Is it weird that I hate neck pickups?

    I might be a bit weird but I have never liked the sound of neck pickups (especially humbuckers). They sound sort of ok for cleans but when someone uses the neck pickup to play solos I find it very unpleasant to listen to. I hardly play on the neck pickup on any guitar I own and have yet to find...
  6. EMM

    Hello from the West Midlands

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm a 17 year old guitarist from Malvern, England and I have been Playing music since I was born. I've been watching Robs YouTube vids since he started his channel and words can't describe how much of an inspiration he is to me musically. I am hoping to own a Chapman...