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  1. Wire_n_Wood

    Listen to Marty!

    In the style of Adji 's Listen to Guthrie thread, I thought I'd make a thread about another wonderful musician and a very cool guy to boot. Here goes:
  2. Wire_n_Wood

    "Jammit" - fantastic app!

    Here's something I found through Jack Thammarat's fb page. It's an app which isolates/removes instruments from mixes of original songs... Tons of songs to purchase and download and the prices are not at all bad!
  3. Wire_n_Wood

    RIP Paco de Lucia

    I was fortunate to see him perform in the mid 90s. With Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin. Yes, the original G3. RIP, Maestro.
  4. Wire_n_Wood

    Enter the Diatonic Sweeping Dragon

    One of Chappers' latest videos, pretty cool stuff but mostly I found myself bursting out into loud laughter at Rob's comments. Enjoy and get practicing!
  5. Wire_n_Wood

    Ola Englund demos the Chapman Guitars ML-3RC

    Seeing that Brandon Adams already made a thread for Ola's demo of the ML-1, I thought it appropriate to make a separate thread for Ola's demo of Rob's signature. Sounds badass!
  6. Wire_n_Wood

    Happy Birthday Nick

    Happy Birthday my man! Hope you get to use the fancy granny cups for your coffee today. And thanks for all the guitar faces! :)
  7. Wire_n_Wood

    The Carl Martin FX Guitar Competition

    The fierce and awesome Rick Graham teamed up with "nom" pedal makers Carl Martin to organise a competition: Get to work boys and girls, the backing track is very cool!
  8. Wire_n_Wood

    R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

    It seems I have a knack for seeing such releases as soon as they are made...gutted. R.I.P. Jeff :( :( :(
  9. Wire_n_Wood

    About this time, 3 years ago...

    ...I joined the forum! And it has been a great ride so far. I have learned a ton of things, had some amazing opportunities (like Monkeyfest, contests), met some amazing people, got inspired and above all had lots of fun, laughs and games! So to all of youz (and of course Rob) a big thank...
  10. Wire_n_Wood

    R.I.P. Alvin Lee :(

    Just read about it. I'm gutted. He was a great musician and from what I've been reading all these years an all-round great guy.
  11. Wire_n_Wood

    Martin Goulding's "Last Licks" (from Guitar World)

    Interesting series on examples from various styles. You can find each example separate on Martin Goulding's YT channel as well! You should also checkout his website at for more material. Enjoy and get practicing! Progressive: Rapid-fire Hard Rock: Bending...
  12. Wire_n_Wood

    Metalheads and princesses

    Perhaps many of you will have already seen this, but I laughed so hard with some of the descriptions I thought it would be worth sharing (some of the funnier ones are towards the end): Let's see how the different kinds of metal would act in the same situation. The princess is trapped in a...
  13. Wire_n_Wood

    Happy Birthday, SchecterPT!

    Happy "Come into our world" Day, Rob! (imagine Kylie singing that...or Lzzy covering it :P) Glad to have you here!
  14. Wire_n_Wood

    Happy Birthday to our resident Barbarian (sted)

    Happy Birthday, mate! Hope you have a good one today and you get a lot of new expensive toys!
  15. Wire_n_Wood

    G3: Satriani-Vai-Morse

    Three days later and I'm still smiling like a dolt! Here's just a glimpse of how it was... First up, the stage. Mr Vai's four Legacy heads (Plus two Carvin TS100 Rack Mount amps AND a Axe FX) in the centre and Mr Morse's Engl stacks (Oh, Engl...:heart: ) on the left. Next to these, in the...
  16. Wire_n_Wood

    Happy Birthday Dr Tattoo (MABLUNG)!

    Happy Birthday bud! It's a pleasure having you around. Hope you have a good one today! PS: welcome to the third floor...
  17. Wire_n_Wood

    RIP Jon Lord

    No words...a truly great musician. I was fortunate enough to see him with Deep Purple, a few years ago. May he rest in peace. The greats are really gathering up there...
  18. Wire_n_Wood

    Problems with videos.

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble watching videos with Firefox on Youtube. Sometimes I'll get a message saying "an error has occurred. Please try again later" and sometimes "this video is currently unavailable". Browsing the internet hasn't helped much, apart from a hint that it might be an issue...
  19. Wire_n_Wood

    YouTube's best hater?

    Regardless of whether the people he's talking about deserve his rants or not or whether he has some valid points, I'm astonished that he's spending so much time to make videos with such content... As a matter of fact I'm astonished that I wasted time listening to his rants...but it's Sunday...
  20. Wire_n_Wood

    Monkeyfest 2012 ticket refunds

    Right, I was hoping I wouldn't have to open a separate thread, but has anyone heard anything on this front? The official announcement was made on the 22nd of March and it was: When would MF have launched? May? June? I'm only asking just to get an idea of when to expect the refund.