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  1. Brad_A

    Help finding Saddle length screws for Chapman

    Hi all, does anybody know what screws the ML3-Bea uses for saddle intonation length? This is for the Wilkinson WVP wave 2.0 tremolo. I need a replacement and it is very difficult to find this info. Is the screw Metric? Imperial? Thanks for any help.
  2. Brad_A

    ML3 semi hollow pre-order in Canada

    As the title says, you can now pre-order the ML3-Pro Semi Hollow Modern now in Canada! Sweeeeeeet.
  3. Brad_A

    Very noisy Chapman Henchman mini-rail humbucker. Grounding?

    I got my new ML3-Bea Baritone today. Awesome guitar. Fantastic neck, Love the tone of the pickups, but when I put on a little (or a lot) of gain, the neck pickup is really noisy when not being played. This is the Henchman mini rails humbucker. If i grab the connector end of the patch cable...
  4. Brad_A

    Chapman 7 string pro vs Bea Baritone

    Last week I got my ML1 Baritone shipped (sweet guitar), and then a few days later I purchased an ML1 Pro Modern (extremely sweet guitar). So now I’ve starting planning for my next guitar purchase. After trying the pro level I’m starting to save up to upgrade my baritone standard to a Bea...
  5. Brad_A

    Brand new ML1 Pro Modern Lunar

    Just got my new guitar today. One word says it all: Wow!!! This guitar is incredible. The weight is perfect, the neck is extremely comfortable for my taste, and the stainless steel frets are smooth! Guitar sounds brilliant too. I had a Fender American Standard before this and currently also...
  6. Brad_A

    ML1 standard Baritone pickup noise

    Got my new ML1 baritone this week. Sounds good and the neck is awesome. This guitar has one volume knob and one push-pull tone knob. I’ve noticed when the pickup coils are tapped (in single mode), there is some noise buzzing which I’d expect a bit because of the single coils, but I notice if I...