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  1. ViniciusIbaldo


    I think this is a cool idea, some people might deslike it, some people might find it to be the coolest thing ever.
  2. ViniciusIbaldo

    Get smart, ESP

    I'll just leave these here... ESP be trippin
  3. ViniciusIbaldo


    Seriously, more than a decade of wait... and you try and make us fans swallow this giant piece of solidified shit? Seriously Capcom, what the fuck. Don't go pulling a Raiden on MML fans D:
  4. ViniciusIbaldo

    Bro's can't post

    So, Fuzzy asked me to post this He can't post for some reason and that's what he's seeing. Nothing.
  5. ViniciusIbaldo

    I just...

    I just started to sand my strat. It's got 3 layers of color, what the fuck Korea. I'm drowning in regret, this hurts my arms ):
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    New Multi-effects Pedal Order Day :D I've just ordered a Vox Tonelab ST from ProGuitarShop dot com! If everything goes well, in about a week, Andy will descend from the heavens in a flaming chariot, carried by Behemoth and Leviathan themselves, whilst our Simian Overlord (the real Elder One)...
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    I'm considering refinishing my guitar since I got it. The "grey black" is kind of cool, but fingerprints simply jump into your eyes and most of the time it looks plain black (which is plainly meh). So, I gathered some information about stripping of the pigments and finish but something is...
  8. ViniciusIbaldo

    This thread is made of first post, introduction...

    ... and small quantities of win! 'ello MLF, as my screen name might imply, my name is Vinicius Ibaldo. Because of this internets thing some people call me Sid too! Been playing electric guitar for 6 months and acoustic for quite a long time (but not seriously). Joined the forums after...