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    hendrix vs van halen

    of course hendrix as a whole is better and let me point out this is not a slag ppl off thread i want some help here! i say hendrix all round is better cuz he sang and wrote deep and very moving political and spirtual songs about freedom him being black and native american! also of course he was...
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    3 mini humbucks or 3 normal humbucks

    can you turn a 3 p up style gibson into a 5switch option?
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    3 favourite net guitarists

    i,chappers ii,phil x iii,chatreeo
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    chappers vs phil x

    this guy has a bit of an american chappers vibe but i reckon chappers could hold his own against him x ps this aint a hate thread just want to share more good guitar playing and players <!-- m --><a class="postlink"...
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    great guitar quotes

    my fav= "jimi hendrix is NOT a great guitar player; eric clapton, jeff beck they're great guitar players, hendrix was a force of nature!"
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    the best ever live performance of guitar iyho!?

    2 cant decide hendrix monterey or hendrix woodstock! cant think of two better performances and they both had a huge social and musical impact! x
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    can you be funkier? more than likely

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
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    most common guitar misconceptions

    1, you need expensive gear,
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    my posts keep getting deleted

    i thought we were free to talk here
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    advice about Technical death metal

    i really enjoy playing Technical death metal with my friends at a local club for Technical death metal and we were having a debate about use of whammy bar inTechnical death metal, i said you should only really use a trans trem for Technical death metal as all the notes when dived or raised...
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    Wanted: High Res PRS Bird Inlay Photos

    I'm thinking about getting a tattoo roughly based on those inlays. Unfortunately I don't own a PRS. Could one of the PRS owners out there shoot some photos of the bird inlays for me?
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    MonkeyLord faq videos?

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    MonkeyLord faq videos?

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    MonkeyLord faq videos?

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    MonkeyLord faq videos?

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    POP Of Death

    When initially switching from standby to fun my Engl Thunder made a LOUD pop noise two or three times during the last week. Now it just made it again and died completly. Seems like a fuse did it's martyrian job. I just hope it was a short circuit caused by dust - any other common possibilities...
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    Recording: Which microphone to choose?

    Now as I'm selling my POD XT I'd like to dive into recording. I want to have the options of either recording my smooth tube amp tone or silently do some late night shredding. Guess I'll buy a affordable Audio Interface, the old Line 6 Toneport UX1 looks nice. Any better ideas? I really hated the...
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    Line6 Backtrack + Mic

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> Anyone tried this yet? Reads great so far. I ALWAYS forget great licks while setting up my PodXT for recording (and I'm not able to get some decent sounds out of it, but that's...
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    A zoo for rare monkey lords

    Found some on my disk :) <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> Youtube seems to fuck up HD FLVs, though. It's a pitty.