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  1. RabidEmu

    Well I returned my ESP...

    HNGD that thing is ridiculous! However, I feel you may have some kind of guitar A.D.D. and I may be a bit jealous that you feed it whatever it wants haha :p
  2. RabidEmu

    Pets :)

    Yes..our 'tuxedo cat' is quite sassy as well..perhaps it is a genetic thing haha.
  3. RabidEmu

    Dont Show the Misses

  4. RabidEmu

    Pets :)

    Delaware has alot of farm land so there are tons of strays running around 'micing' in the barns etc. I'm a sucker for saving suffering/starving animals...I'm not even really a 'cat person' per say, but most of them were wounded/starving when I found them so now they are part of the family. Found...
  5. RabidEmu

    Pets :)

    5 cats, a dog, and a ferret, all rescues in some fashion. Love them all to death..I imagine I will probably have a small zoo for the remainder of time I am able to take care of the fuzzy companions (quite a few years left before I have to worry about that hopefully haha) heres some pictures I...
  6. RabidEmu

    A mysterious parcel arrived...

    Actually..that is semi-close to an enraged midget...I bet you can make it scream like one :bounce:
  7. RabidEmu

    The Chapman ML-1 "Dorje Relic"

    You may have something here sir...yes indeed...a horde of simian minions descend upon X mountain..I can see it now
  8. RabidEmu

    A mysterious parcel arrived...

    Hopefully not an enraged midget sent to the wrong person..that never ends well
  9. RabidEmu

    Cosmology Feedback?

    I recieved a mysterious package with a Royal Mail stamp on it contained pure win..having a listen now. Will be back to describe my droolings in better detail shortly
  10. RabidEmu

    What? Just....what?

    I can barely manage a decent noise with frets..I dread what creation would arise if you stuck that thing in my would probaby drive people to do terrible things.
  11. RabidEmu

    Chop Suey

    interesting..been on a SOAD kick these past few weeks..then this pops up :bounce:
  12. RabidEmu

    Reasons Why I Love The User Above

    For having a gif from that disturbing documentary on black metal...(those guys had some seriously warped minds) Edited for clarity :bounce:
  13. RabidEmu

    What do you guys do?

    Full time college student pursuing a degree in CIS focused on Networking. Also work as a Security Officer (pays the bills /shrug)
  14. RabidEmu

    Cosmology Feedback?

    /fidget anxiously..curse you giant pond that delays mail times significantly!
  15. RabidEmu

    The RCF Song collaboration - Stage 1 "The riff thread"

    Reminds me of C.K.Y. alot...not really sure why but thats what popped into my head. At any rate I thoroughly enjoyed it haha.
  16. RabidEmu

    New Guitar Day

    HNGD! Pretty stunning looking actually - I bet you won't find many guitars that play better for the price! Usually not a fan of white guitars, but I think I could get along just fine with a beast such as that :D
  17. RabidEmu

    You will not expect what you are about to see..

    Awesome..I am jealous of that bathtub drumkit haha
  18. RabidEmu

    10K Boom!

    Congrats good sir!
  19. RabidEmu

    Your Gaming Rig! as an avid (or slightly addicted) PC gamer and MMO fan..I built this almost 3 years ago now...gettin ready to upgrade it. Heres the stats as it stands Monitor - 24' Asus VH236 Keyboard - Razer Marauder Mouse - Razer Naga PC Custom Specs: Intel I5 Processor Nvidia G-Force 9800 GT (Soon...
  20. RabidEmu

    Cosmology Feedback?

    Still waiting on better have a Yeti picture or I may cry myself to sleep..while listening to it of course :bounce: On a serious note though, I am truly looking forward to hearing it!