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  1. Necro

    Getting past stagnation?

    So I feel like my playing hasn't gone much of anywhere in around a year or so. Part of this is because I haven't been able to play much - due to the workload I took the past two semesters that has set me up to graduate early, I had multiple months-long stretches in that time where I didn't touch...
  2. Necro

    Thick-necked bass?

    tl;dr I've been using a P Bass for years, and a problem that's been recurring is that its neck is awkward for me to use. I have big hands, and the narrower width and shallower neck shape(Measured at the nut between my strat and my bass, 1.75" vs 1.5" and 0.6" vs 0.9", respectively) causes my...
  3. Necro

    DIY isolation panels?

    I have pushed my amp as loud as I can get it before I get people yelling at me to turn it down, I have tried different angles with multiple microphones, I have tried different guitars, different strings, different everything, and yet because of the dinky little cramped basement corner I have my...
  4. Necro

    Removing tension?

    So I bought Stillness in Motion this past weekend. I've seen low-quality youtube videos of Steve before, but this is the first time I've ever really seen him in any decent quality on a big screen, and the first time I've had a really up-close look at a real virtuoso playing guitar, either in HD...
  5. Necro

    Recommend me some pickups?

    Short and sweet, I really like my Carvin, but I feel like swapping the humbuckers would push it over the edge. The pickups in it right now are PAF-voiced I believe, and I like that as a starting point, but the neck pickup is a bit muddy, the bridge pickup doesn't have as much punch and heft as I...
  6. Necro

    Amp or axe?

    tl;dr, went to a shop to try out a Les Paul I wanted to buy. Disappointed in the Les Paul, but found another guitar that has replaced it in my desires in a PRS S2 Custom 22(Possibly 24, same price, so going to A/B them the day of to decide), which is conveniently cheaper. While there, I also...
  7. Necro

    Regarding Rob's upcoming show in Baltimore

    So, I have no doubt that most of you have seen the protests and riots in the streets of Baltimore the past day or two. As a resident of Baltimore county, I've been watching the situation unfold on pins and needles, and, well, it's pretty damn ugly. It's painful to talk about, so I'm not going...
  8. Necro

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    GET HYPE Loved Human Revolution, so I am pumped for this one. Just praying that by the time it comes out I have a new computer that can actually handle it(This one barely ran Human Revolution). Anyone else excited about this?
  9. Necro

    What have I missed?

    Long story short, used to be active on here years ago, but then college happened, so I had to cut a ton of stuff out. Still stuck in college, but very close to graduating now, so bringing some things I used to do all the time back in. I've been lacking a fun place to discuss music and gear and...
  10. Necro

    So I did a thing

    And by thing I mean released a new album :D It's also the first time I'm releasing under my own name instead of the stage name 16 year-old me thought sounded cool. :P Tracks: 1. And We're Back ~ 5:59 2. Sunny Summer Day ~...
  11. Necro

    Help from those on Bandcamp?

    Short and sweet, getting ready to release an album, but I want to put the option of paying on this one. I don't have a paypal set up for personal use though, and I've never used one on Bandcamp. Anyone who does, how do you set things up to get payments from bandcamp in?
  12. Necro

    Help pick my mic?

    Short and sweet; looking to buy a condenser mic soon so I can actually do decent recordings with means other than VST and direct-in. Stuck between two, the Blue Spark, and the Audio Technica AT2035. 2035's cheaper, and has more features, but the Spark seems like it's better built/higher-quality...
  13. Necro

    New Pickup Day - DiMarzio content!

    So early last year, I bought a '96 American Standard stratocaster. It's almost perfect as far as I'm concerned, but there were two issues. One is something - stainless steel frets - that will be installed in the future as needed. But the other is something I wanted to take care of right now...
  14. Necro

    Want/need a PC amp sim?

    Well then you're in luck! Peavey's ReValver is only $30 right now on Musician's Friend. I'm not entirely sure what that converts to in GBP once you add in international shipping and all that, but I'm still pretty sure that it's inexpensive for a fairly...
  15. Necro

    Thicker single-coil - Injector?

    I bought a used Am. Std. strat last year. Love it. Wish it had stainless frets, but outside of that I can only complain about one thing, the bridge pickup. Even with the tone rolled down, it's not as warm and fat as I'd like it to be. I don't want a straight-out stacked humbucker, I still want...
  16. Necro

    Bouncing down for mastering?

    Short and sweet, I've been trying to learn how to master my tracks instead of just recording them and putting a reverb on and calling it a day. Every single tutorial I can find says to bounce the tracks down to a single stereo audio track first. Is there any reason for this, or is it pretty much...
  17. Necro

    Return of the Starcaster!

    Not sure what the perception of it is on here now since I've been gone, but a lot of people I know of really liked these things, but couldn't afford/find the old vintage models. Well, Fender has finally brought the Starcaster back...
  18. Necro

    I'm back! ...Again!

    Hello! So, some older members on here might remember me as that one annoying American guy who left once or twice because of various reasons, most recently college. Well, I've been working on carving out time, and I've been wanting to discuss guitar with people who actually know what they're...
  19. Necro

    Two fuzz pedals, but there can be only one!

    I've been GASing for those Mini Fuzz Faces since I saw pictures from NAMM. They're slated for "February 2013" from everything I can find, so I've been checking a bunch of sites for new fuzzboxes daily. During my check earlier today, I came across this little morsel: US-made, much more...
  20. Necro

    New (Used) Guitar Day! Bandwidth be warned!

    Been meaning to post this for about a week or two now, but I've been too caught up with the new guitar to remember. :p On the bright side, this should mean I'm just about out of the honeymoon stage! Wall of text hooo! Right, so some of you know I've been jonesing for a good strat for a while...