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  1. teezer123

    Pedal Board assembly & new pedals

    the link is broken...hmm
  2. teezer123

    the g.a.s thread.

    This will be my next purchase when it comes out. Im not a fan of epiphones really but with Lace humbuckers and grover tuners plus it being the sexiest flying v ive ever seen i cant resist.
  3. teezer123

    Pedal Board assembly & new pedals

    Well hello fellow forumers. Its been a year or so since ive been properly been active on here but ive been beyond busy since last June as my new band has taken off and between that and studying Music while trying to run a promotions company i had completely forgot about this place. So i will...
  4. teezer123

    HELP! pedal board trouble

    5ways man that would be great! Pm me
  5. teezer123

    HELP! pedal board trouble

    Hi guys! Basically i have recently got a small clone chorus to add to my board and have encountered a problem. The 9 volt cables from dc brick are too big for the connection on the small clone. So does anyone on here know if a cable exists to go from my 9volt DCbrick connection to the small...
  6. teezer123

    What's your wierdest gigs you've played?

    A blues band i was playing in during 2011 got booked to play a small country pub in Rep.of.Eire and when we arrived into the pub it was tiny yet full and i could clearly see there was no where for us to set up. The land lord took us out to the back garden where there was a small green canvas...
  7. teezer123

    NTD- first tattoo

    thinking about a purple or light blue rose on my hand or continuing on with a musical theme and getting a tradition style gramaphone on the inside of my arm to try and move the half sleeve onwards and also since i ride motorcycles , i want to get "never ride faster than your angel can fly" in...
  8. teezer123

    NTD- first tattoo

    i know :( i already have another 3 planned. Its flaking at the minute such a pain in the ass
  9. teezer123

    NTD- first tattoo

    awesome! just had a nosey through all the pics there. Some awesome stuff MAB! very impressive!
  10. teezer123

    NTD- first tattoo

    yea guys dont rush into it and do your research into the artist and their work. make sure your going to get something that you wont regret. Mab whats your shop called? do you have a facebook page?
  11. teezer123

    NTD- first tattoo

    yea man thats the one! i was looking for it to post on but it didnt come up in my search and the more i scrolled down the more irrelevant the results became.
  12. teezer123

    NTD- first tattoo

    Got this done on Tuesday . Spans the length of my forearm. Artist- Stefan Getty of Cloak and Dagger Tattoos, Antrim, NI. I checked for a tattoo thread but could find one :/
  13. teezer123

    Game of Thrones

    my mate was a night or knight watchman what ever it is, in this. YEA iz cool. ...seriously know nothing about this show other than its been filmed in N.I. Funny (ish) story actually. When he arrived on set to meet his fellow watchmen he looked around and they were all metal heads and when he was...
  14. teezer123

    Pearl Jam

    Ten. Its just one of those perfect albums! seen em live 2 years ago and they were awesome. Crowd was mental to the point i had to run for the sides of the standing area haha
  15. teezer123

    'sax battle in nyc subway'

    awesome id pack in guitar bass drums the lot just to be able to play sax like that
  16. teezer123

    Any Irish guys on the forum?

    up here in fermanagh, moving to belfast in september :)
  17. teezer123

    Non guitar related hobbies?

    motorycles, drueling over them and riding my two, power kiting when ever i get the time to head to the beach (not very often), following the local footie league as im not a fan of watching footie on tele, apart fromt that i cant think of anything else that counts as a hobby
  18. teezer123

    What's the worst case of G.A.S. you've had?? :D

    ive seen a photo of what looks to be a ES 335 in black with a single humbucker and black hardware all over, on the gibson namm photo album. If you lit a cigarette near me id explode..
  19. teezer123

    Agile Guitars

    Sorry to hear that man. Condolences! Enjoy your new gear tho!
  20. teezer123

    These Are Jokes

    WARNING: Police have told people to keep a look out for two paedophiles disguised as workmen clearing snow outside schools, their names are Jimmy Shovel and Gary Gritter.