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  1. Alpheus

    Heavy Texas Music.

    If you saw the Fuzz vs Metal Zone video I shared.... Here's my buddy Adam's band, Werefoot, with their full set that I filmed last time they played close enough to Canton. You know how you like your friends music because they're your friends.... and it's not so much the music? I actually...
  2. Alpheus

    Fuzz vs Metal Zone.

  3. Alpheus

    1 riff a day challenge

    I'm doing a #1riffaday challenge as a creative exercise! I picked this up from my friend Adam Lamar from Werefoot, who got it from the riffpriestess who got it from She Shreds Magazine! WHEW! So far I am enjoying the challenge of writing a new riff on guitar everyday. I think this is a great...
  4. Alpheus

    Living life from Music. Vlogging Thread.

    I was checking to see if I had a thread about this but I couldn't find one. Other than videos about Saturdays at work. I thought some of you guys might be casually interested in what life is like in rural East Texas, and making a living, raising a family with your income based in the music...
  5. Alpheus

    New Guitar Day. Affordable USA guitars?

    $1199 in the USA new. It's a shredders guitar for sure, but quality of the build is fantastic.
  6. Alpheus

    Other Forums??

    I'm pretty much only active on this forum. I was on one probably 11 yrs ago that is no longer around, and just haven't found another that I like. What guitar/music forums other than than the MLF/RCF do you good people partake in? Plus are there any to avoid?
  7. Alpheus

    Summer Recital Time again, these kids rock!

    It's that time of year! Our students have just completed their spring/summer recital and I want to share their hard work! I'm not really on any other forums online so you guys/gals get to see what a lot won't lol. I will upload several videos as I finish editing them. Here's the first two.
  8. Alpheus

    6 guitars, 6 riffs, 6 beards

    Which guitar did you like, and which riff was your favorite?
  9. Alpheus

    Heavy Southern Music

    My friend Adam and his band played a gig pretty close to me that I was actually able to make it to. We shoot Vlogs on our YouTube every Saturday so there's more coming when that is live tomorrow but here's a snippet from their soundcheck. If you're into Sabbath, Mastodon, Down, Crowbar, the...
  10. Alpheus

    Vacation in Colorado with RNA.

    We finally took a little family vacation and left Texas for Denver Colorado. It was awesome. We had a great time checking out the amazing scenery and driving all over Denver. I will add photos as I can. We took about a million since I bought a Canon T5i right before we took the trip, really for...
  11. Alpheus

    Brent Hinds V, and beards.

    Friend of mine dropped in (from 2 1/2 hours away) to bring me a Shirt I ordered and show me his new Brent Hinds V. Yes the strings are too light for the tuning. We know. However we had a fun chat. Now I want a V.
  12. Alpheus

    Seventeen Years......

    Of the best days of my life! This could be a What put a Smile on your face thread, but that didn't seem to be enough for me! Today is mine and Angela's Anniversary. Have no idea how that time has literally flown by in a blink. With out a doubt the best 17 of my 40 yrs so far. I...
  13. Alpheus

    Texas Countryside, IKEA, and huge Beavers.

  14. Alpheus

    Modding my Personal ML-2

    So after having what I believe to be the first Korean ML-2 to ever come into the states, (I had to get it from Andertons years ago) for quite awhile, I'm finally getting around to some upgrades. I have a separate video I'm shooting about the new pickups, rings, and install, but snippets of...
  15. Alpheus

    Ghost Fret is here.

  16. Alpheus

    Cameo on a friends album.

    I'll be on a few peoples EPs this year it seems. My buddy Tim has a record he's working on, also I have a guest spot on our own super Aussie PatG album coming later this year. Pretty humbled and honored to get asked honestly. I consider myself an ok musician, but nothing fantastic. I also...
  17. Alpheus

    NAMM 2016 and RNA Music.

    Hey guys, as some of you know I was at NAMM again this year, and I'll be sharing my photos and Videos here for anyone interested. I still have video not yet edited, ans a lot of photos to share but we can start with these.....since it is the MLF/RCF of course.
  18. Alpheus

    ML-1BEA Blues.

    BOOM. One of our customers. He's been in before. Got himself a CAP10 eventually.
  19. Alpheus


    and by booty I mean treasure. Here was the haul yesterday. An Avengers Mug. A sweet Falcon Shirt.
  20. Alpheus

    Chapman Guitars ML-3 Traditional Natural Swamp Ash

    This nice fella came to RNA Music for a visit!