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    Oiling Fret Board

    Does anyone know how often you should oil a fretboard? I know Ebony doesnt need it and that.. But what about a Maple Fretboard? and Rosewood for that matter
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    Scales and Speed

    Hi mate, the key to speed is to be slow and accurate. Find a nice picking lick.. like Paul Gilbert Technical Difficulties. Practise it at like 50bpm and get it perfect. Build that up month by month. Also dont cheat.. Your only cheating yourself. Accurate picking and slow build up of speed.
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    Jizz in my pants...

    How good is that new song? hahahaha
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    So i thought i would cover an interesting topic of: Guitar Picks! Lots of people say "If you use this pick, or this pick it will improve your playing" To a certain extend i believe this to be true, but only to the fact of you actually finding a Plectrum that fits and feels comfortable to "YOU"...
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    What Guitar Do You Play?

    So i decided to make a topic about what guitars do you guys play? Guitar Make: Ibanez RG550 Color: Black Neck: Full Maple Frets: Jumbo Trem: Floyd Rose - Soon to be "Tremol-no'ed" Pups: Bareknuckle Cold Sweats Zebras Its a very nice guitar, its very aggressive yet articulate with the BKPS...
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    Laney GH50L

    Brough this a few years back Its suprisingly loud, just like a Tiny Terror! Its only 1 channel! It has all the sorta standard features like effects loops. Its a very raw amp, it is also very crunchy with the gain backed off aswell as the drive. The Drive setting is more of a rounded modern...