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  1. johnniegoat

    Sold PRS 245

    so this is on Gumtree as well - had one enquiry, but was a trade and i am looking for the cold, hard monies £1250 (or very close offer) 2007 PRS 245 in Blue. lovely flaminess, fat/wide neck. just played it and i am torn listing it for sale. it sounds mint note # 1 - bridge volume pot died so...
  2. johnniegoat

    NAD - 2 Out, 1 In

    afternoon just back from Charlie Chandlers in Hampton i left my flat with these came home with this its a Rivera Thirty Twelve 30W combo. twin channel, reverb, lots of boosty, notchy switches, etc it can do loud and dirty and roar - it has a switch labelled "Ninja" ffs - but i got it...
  3. johnniegoat

    For Sale Mainly Pedal Sale

    Hello Entire OP edited 17 left - prices revised to get rid, incl an RCF special for each - P&P excl as so cheap
  4. johnniegoat

    NGD - The Best Not-a-Gibson in the World... Probably...

    hello all. not bee round much recently. thought i would share went to Guitarguitar in Epsom yesterday, lots of nice things then Andertons. they had a Caitlenbread Calisto i wanted to try out. while the chap found a working PSU, i went to get a guitar for testing purposes. they have all the new...
  5. johnniegoat

    NGD - the Client Jr

    *somewhere in the murky fog settling on the Thames, a submarine breaches the inky, mirrored surface...* <opens hatch> if @GloopyJon was a footballist, he'd have a foot on him like a traction engine some of you may have noticed this thread...
  6. johnniegoat

    NGD - Blonde Bucket List?

    hello all in the last year i got my hands on a PRS McCarty for a great price - details here it is a great, great guitar. but we never clicked. so i planned to take it to Andertons and see what they would offer put it in the boot of the car - but only got as far as Apex in Reading who had...
  7. johnniegoat

    For Sale 41 Pedals

    all some pedals i am willing to move on rules priced to sell, so no room for the haggles excludes delivery - don't expect it to be more than @ £3-4 or so to ship in the UK*; i am not Thomann, so cannot afford free delivery; outside the UK I have no idea i don't need rid - just don't need. so...
  8. johnniegoat

    should i maim my guitar?

    i have a double bound tele - has a poplar body. plays lovely, looks lovely but it has this loom - clever, but i am not smitten with it. the bridge is in the middle, weird and annoying so i thought - i have a Wilko cut down bridge and a strat bridge Hot Rail - i could take out the existing...
  9. johnniegoat

    New Project - a home for a scratchplate

    Here we go again... more pics to follow ...
  10. johnniegoat

    NGD - the subterfuge, the Client and the genius in our midst

    hello all this box turned up today. some more eagle-eyed amongst you might recognise it from elsewhere on this forum... any road - the preamble approx 6 months ago, i , @Robstafarian and @GloopyJon were being beaten by @GloopyJon at Civ online as you all know, Gloopy has done some time at...
  11. johnniegoat


    This pedal is called the Albus... The Albus DUMBLEdore the ebay ad claims it will put some ZEN in your life it is is f'n brilliant
  12. johnniegoat

    NB(uild)D - and retrospective

    I have done a thing. Spent too much time and effort and swearing trying to do a clever wiring loom. Gave up and did sensible 50s style LP wiring Anyway - retrospective first. I am not a "builder". I have made some homebuild/ partscasters. I have been really pleased with how things have...
  13. johnniegoat

    Sold SOLD - Fender Tele - Graham Coxon Model

    Hello This is on Gumtree now - willing to do an "RCF special" for anyone interested I am in no rush to sell, no need to either. I just want to free up some space. If it does not sell, I will not weep Reluctant sale of this great guitar - bought from Guitar Village and with original Fender...
  14. johnniegoat

    NGD - Rock n Synth...

    Hello I did a thing. As mentioned elsewhere. And it will be great But while I was waiting, I did another thing... This came up on Ebay last week. I liked it. Price was low. I watched. I liked. Last hour I bidded. I don't need it. God, no. But it was a bargain - its nothing like the price of...
  15. johnniegoat

    The Future—Younger, More Female, or Else!

    i just read this on PG found it quite interesting, esp this comment BTL This article translates to: “My company’s desired growth rates are not compatible with the size of the existing...
  16. johnniegoat

    NGD - recording, Tube Screaming and WHAKKA-CHOOKA

    i have little/ no disposable cash so obviously i decided to be an idiot i like using Audacity. use it for the forum jams and in the past for demos. but i have a small flat. setting everything up and breaking down again is a pain in the arse so did a little research. IntheBlues had a video...
  17. johnniegoat

    Crimson Guitar Give Away

  18. johnniegoat

    NGsD - Cackhandedness and Wilbur

    evening all how do another tale of 2 axes some of you will be aware i through the odd guitar together. not build, assemble love a tele, me. love 'em/ i have wanted a 50s style tele for a long time. i found a body, then stuff just started coming together. nice pickups, stainand oil from...
  19. johnniegoat

    Premier Guitar Pedal Comp
  20. johnniegoat

    fretboard materials

    with CITES, there will be a lot of change and related expense with regards to fretboards in the future i have a question if the fretboard material is important to tone, why do some companies fit such huge position markers? in situations like these pictures, sure it does not matter if its...