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  1. chrisjeffs

    Pick the pickguard!

    black with white pickups/knobs? I did that on mah sunburst, looks a tad SRV without meaning to haha. But I used a black switch tip and it cleans the appearance up nicely.
  2. chrisjeffs

    You need to get off Facebook...

    it's all about how you use it d00dz Facebook itself is a pretty useful tool!
  3. chrisjeffs

    Need to vent!!

    people like that suck.
  4. chrisjeffs

    im a guitarist, therefore i need STUFF

  5. chrisjeffs

    Shizzle really sux :(

    if they didnt tell you it probably wouldn't work anyway man. Don't worry about it!!
  6. chrisjeffs

    Two Years To The Day...

    almost haha!
  7. chrisjeffs

    Two Years To The Day...

  8. chrisjeffs

    (Temporary) NAD

    depending on how loud you play it the power valves will be making the difference, not the preamp ones! :)
  9. chrisjeffs

    The Official MLF February Meet in London... register

    bit far from melbourne, I'll be there in spirit
  10. chrisjeffs

    Strat mods I think everyone should look into!

    lol here d00dz and to answer your question man, I don't think the trem block affects tuning stability per se. It could be the tuning machine, or more likely, your nut. Rub some graphite or lead from a pencil in the slot If all else fails get it set up!
  11. chrisjeffs

    Strat mods I think everyone should look into!

    Hey dudes, been a while since I was here last I may have already made a thread like this a while ago, but screw it, here it is again. I own an early 80s fernandes revival strat. I bought it without intending to buy a guitar, if you know what I mean, I just picked it up in a store one day and...
  12. chrisjeffs

    Fender vintage trem

    yeah i get that, my trem arm rattles a little and you can hear it through the amp. If I tighten it any more it hits the back of the bridge and is stuck pointing the other way >:(
  13. chrisjeffs

    First Tunisia...Now Egypt this made my day
  14. chrisjeffs

    Can low wattage amps be gigged? (warning: evidence inside)

    Of course they can! You know, for something to be perceived as twice as loud by the human ear, it needs to be ten times as powerful. Therefore a 100w amp will sound only twice as loud as a 10w amp through the same speakers. A 1w amp can theoretically be gigged, just mic it!
  15. chrisjeffs


    I like the one on your chest man. Very nice.
  16. chrisjeffs

    Dimebag Darrel socks

    oh, you
  17. chrisjeffs

    Dimebag Darrel socks
  18. chrisjeffs

    RIP (another pilot's thread)

    The camels are too expensive we still use pups.
  19. chrisjeffs

    RIP (another pilot's thread) this makes me sad. It was the aircraft that made me start flying! There are none left operational in the world now.
  20. chrisjeffs

    The bedrock of your playing?

    who influences me has changed over time! I played other instruments such as flute/sax so I was already into jazz type stuff, which is why i started bass. First off the bat I discovered people like Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten etc. But on the other hand I was a massive U2 fan so I had this...