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  1. Wuzza

    What put a smile on your face today?

    That makes no sense, but hilarious still. :D
  2. Wuzza


    Triple threat. No Rest was my intro to Ozzy. (and Zakk)
  3. Wuzza


    Added extra. Rifftastic dude! (Drums and bass make the song though)
  4. Wuzza


    Heineken doesn't do power ballads. But if they did, it would sound like this.....
  5. Wuzza

    The Pro Wrestling Thread

    Yep. TBH it wasn't as "amazing" as it was made out to be imo. I actually got a bit bored after about an hour. Watched it all for bragging rights, but it kinda showed how much story and commentary brings to a match.
  6. Wuzza

    The Pro Wrestling Thread

    I wasn't the only one!! :D Remember seeing Sting around that time (WOOOOOOO) Sid Vicious, Legion of Doom et al. Saw nothing after that until 2000, when Royal Rumble was on TV. Hardys/Dudleys + Cactus Jack/HHH MSG in the street fight blew my mind. Bought quite a few bootleg vids after that...
  7. Wuzza

    What put a smile on your face today?

  8. Wuzza

    Feels like a NGD! Rogue/Loxley neck meet at last...

    Wowsers. You now need to play to the audience with your back to them, just to show off that neck!:p *edit You got married 20th August 1704? :P
  9. Wuzza

    The Official RCF members YouTube video uploads thread!

    Anal plunge router with some bosh? What sort of video am I watching?!?!?! :P Also, you don't look as gloopy in real life. :D
  10. Wuzza

    Post Mic Stereo Reverb - How hard must it be?!

    Actually feckin hard, I was looking at the GT100 (that I own) and I cant see any info if it can do a parallel output. I'd go the route I've been a few times and take advantage of the distance selling rules. Order yourself an ES-8 and try it out. You have 30 days to return it, although you might...
  11. Wuzza

    What put a smile on your face today?

    It's cool when you get talking with random strangers. Reminds me of a chap called Bob, we knew when we were kids. Once a week, 4 of us (my first band) used to go down to the brook at the local golf course at night to drink cider, it was a public path through, so they didn't stop us. We didn't...
  12. Wuzza

    The 'What are you Playing now' Thread

    My go to atm is Van Halen Summer Nights. I finally learnt the intro on acoustic some time ago. Never thought I would, it blew me away in my teens. (it possibly, maybe, not be note for note. :D) Maybe I'll upload a vid sometime. (oh you lucky people you :P)
  13. Wuzza

    Newbie introducing himself

    AW a KITTEN!!! Hi there. :)
  14. Wuzza

    New metal head

    Pffft, all these experts joining the forums nowadays!!! :P Welcome Becky,. 80's thrash? Yep, you're good in my book. :)
  15. Wuzza

    What put a smile on your face today?

    Grown upping? (Gronw-upping! :P) You're doing it right. :)
  16. Wuzza

    Post Mic Stereo Reverb - How hard must it be?!

    No expert, and also a wee bit drunk (Yes, I'm fine with it. No, it's not a problem! :P) but isn't that exactly what the independent Level control on the Polara is for? Presuming you want it in both signal paths?
  17. Wuzza

    The "What pissed you off today" thread

    Fucking Friedman...... (Taken from his reddit page) 3) Is it true that the Tornado of Souls solo was completely improvised on the spot? Yes ……..
  18. Wuzza

    NAD - 2 Out, 1 In

    Where can Mr Goat find out about pedals? I think he's a bit of an amateur on that front!!! :P
  19. Wuzza

    1,000,000 Posts

    121 121 testing... Oh sorry, 63497...
  20. Wuzza

    Random Guitar image

    If Laurence Llewelyn Bowen designed a guitar. :D