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  1. joeleach

    Did you get your guitar working now? If not...send me a video of whats going on and I'll have...

    Did you get your guitar working now? If not...send me a video of whats going on and I'll have our main tech look at it and advise. He knows these guitars really well. If it needs some repair, we can help.
  2. joeleach

    Ordered ML3 Modern from Guitar Center

    I have never chimed in about this matter or about the Riff City relationship with Chapman ever on this board. But I need to point out some inaccuracies and finally stick up for us a bit. I hope you don’t mind. The cataclysmic change of adding GC in the US has profoundly changed our store to...
  3. joeleach

    Chapman ML1 Pro

    Damn copy and paste...thanks again for the heads up:) Hard Case. Fixed now!
  4. joeleach

    Is the ML-B dead?

    Just saw this...sorry so late. 4 are on their way to us now, with 4 more to follow a bout 2-3 weeks later.
  5. joeleach

    Chapman ML1 Pro

    Yes they are! Sorry we had not updated that - specs we have are correct now.
  6. joeleach

    Chapman ML1 Pro

    Hey everyone- new link, latest specs. Sorry we moved it:) It keeps defaulting back to the old one....sorry, let try this one...and yes, stainless steel frets.
  7. joeleach

    got it!

    got it!
  8. joeleach

    New guitar ordered through Riff City today

    Tom, GJOE, and Psycles! PM me your order#(for your address,) T-shirt size and which style you want! Maybe not the traditional unboxing video I was asking for, but every good word helps!
  9. joeleach

    Update on Riff City First Shipment

    Did I forget to add to this thread that the GUITARS have landed and are in the US now? Orders have certainly escalated now that delivery is getting close- but we ordered a with the exceptions above there is still a possibility to get a guitar from the first...
  10. joeleach

    Update on Riff City First Shipment

    GJOE (did you ever realize the awesome acronym your moniker makes?) Is it ok to call you GJOE, or G-JOE? You are in for a signature for sure...Rob will be here late on the 10th, so we'll be setting up guitars that week, will have him sign it and ship it off. Thank you SO MUCH for the order!
  11. joeleach

    Rob's Birthday Party...who is going to be there? And...

    Love that idea and since he will be here a few days before the big shindig- that could work...lets see if we can make that one work...Rob, can you run a till?????
  12. joeleach

    Update on Riff City First Shipment

    Thanks for the feedback- and thanks for filling out the survey- that process was really helpful and so far, pretty accurate in terms of demand for each model. So thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey!
  13. joeleach

    Update on Riff City First Shipment

    First of all, thank you! We are truly grateful for all of the pre-orders! ML-1 AS, ML-1 NAT, ML-7T...first shipment all sold out, more coming in July- some others are getting low, so if you want other models from the May/June shipment or want to pick up a guitar while Rob is would...
  14. joeleach

    Rob's Birthday Party...who is going to be there? And... far are you traveling from? Some possible gifts for the most distant travelers?? What shall we do...hmmmm. I think we need your help. What would you like us to do in Minnesoata while Rob is here? We need ideas...ideas for the week long party and ideas for videos we can make to share...
  15. joeleach

    Happy to be here! It's Joe from Riff City...

    Hello everyone- I'm so happy that before NAMM, my son told me to check out Chapman guitars...I have to admit I nearly forgot until he texted me saying "Did you see Rob Chapman yet?" to which I replied, "No, thanks for the reminder." 2 hours later, we became the first dealer of Chapman guitars...
  16. joeleach

    The ML-1 Custom - Concept & Features

    The spoon cut gives the guitar a nice look and feel, no doubt. I don't see a downside, except for cost...are you implying it will add cost Rob?