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  1. Mojo292

    Happy Birthday, DrK!

    Happy Birthday Doc K!:cool:
  2. Mojo292

    plexi clones....

    That is bizarre looking, nothing like the Coolidge, it looks like a nuclear reactor in there.:D
  3. Mojo292

    Lion sleeps tonight - Chappers going viral

    Well done! Impressive.
  4. Mojo292

    The Best Queen Song.

    Gotta go with Fat Bottom Girls, just a cool riff, and it always makes me giggle.
  5. Mojo292


    Happy Birthday, your a ninja mofo!
  6. Mojo292

    Happy Birthday Mr BackInBlack (SEB)

    It's been awhile my blues brother, I hope you are doing well in spite of your excess! Cheers mate! ;-) Happy Birthday!
  7. Mojo292

    So, I hate the guitar

    Interesting discussion, it really doesn't surprise me that this post comes from a gentlemen who posts in his sig that the pentatonic scale must die, Personally, I think it's more daring to hide behind 5 notes, besides, guitarists who have employed the pentatonic scale have plowed more thighs...
  8. Mojo292

    New "Sted's a bloody hypocrite" Guitar day

    Well it's about f'n time!:) If there is one to do it, it is the DGT, I think it is one of the finest guitars that PRS is putting out these days. It's tone is as thick as a wall, not a strat and not a LP but pretty close to both, and then it has it's own character as well. I think of mine as a...
  9. Mojo292

    Southern Metal Bands?

    Thank you SwampAsh! Christ I was nearly having a panic attack as I read through the thread and seen no mention of Down, WTF! Perhaps the greatest of all Southern Metal!:eek:
  10. Mojo292

    The Chappers & Fred & Cake Metamorphic Amp Thread

    I couldn't agree with this more, I seriously have never heard an amp as loud and as powerful as my Outlander. I nearly fell over when I had it on 5 or 6. It is a weapon, like a guitar death ray. Zombie apocalypse, shittttt, I will crank the Coolidge and lay them down with classic rock, LMAO...
  11. Mojo292

    In Case You Have Never Seen Phil X Live Before...

    Christ...he's like steroids and guitar, love the little Michael Jackson(EVH solo) bit in there!
  12. Mojo292

    Dio & Bouncy straps \m/

    Love to see new material from the Rob C. camp, the playing is what drew me in years ago, and to this day I am still magnetized by it.;)
  13. Mojo292

    The Rob Chapman Signature Amplifer

    Very big and meaty sounding! Love the growl this amp has, very gorilla-ish. Might sell the Bogner for this, haha!
  14. Mojo292

    First NGD in what seems like aaaaages!

    I like it! Looks tough, like a guitar with street smarts! Congrats!
  15. Mojo292

    Just got tickets for Bonamassa.......

    You f'n dog! That is going to be awesome! :)
  16. Mojo292

    Gear guilt

    His manhole to be precise.:eek: I feel unworthy of my gear often, I'm not necessarily guilty that I have it, as I've worked quite a bit to get what I have, it's not like someone just bestowed it on me. I've had days where I've considered selling a fair amount of it, and just have the basics...
  17. Mojo292

    The Blues Bar (the thread for Blues/Blues Rock)

    Been awhile gentlemen....but I've been digging a lot acoustic blues as of late... this a favorite of mine.
  18. Mojo292

    weight issue

    Maybe a lighter guitar strap is in order?
  19. Mojo292

    NAD! Yay!

    HA! You know it buddy, I slapped the Rockbox right in front, and commenced the filling of my pants. I'm glad you like the boiling point, I couldn't see how you wouldn't like it. It offers quite a variety of OD that always seems to enhance whatever it is plugged into. My wife wants her own for...