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  1. Phasingbuz

    I have my ML1!

    My ML1 arrived at my hose yesterday and so I thought I would share it with the world. I have ML1 no. 20. I will post a pic later on because I am on my iPhone ATM so I cannot add the picture.
  2. Phasingbuz

    NAD: Blackstar HT-5S

    I have to play mine at a low volume and it sounds nice, but if you want to get alot of high gain you will need to turn the volume up to about a quater of the way up which tbh isnt too loud
  3. Phasingbuz

    NAD: Blackstar HT-5S

    I got me a new Blackstar HT-5 mini stack! its a great amp and i managed to get it for only £320 from sounds of frome! Great sound, louder than i expected and all of the controls work ;) heres a pic: Click to enlarge
  4. Phasingbuz

    The Dimarzio win has been brungeth. \m/

    I was the first person to use them cables with chappers and we had to cut the ties with a string cutter which was a rofl! Naturally chappers gave me the pink one. They sound good and look well built, I think I see one in my future 8-)
  5. Phasingbuz

    So what are you planning for the ML1?

    I'm thinking a mojoe in the bridge a chopper in the neck but not sure about a middle pup yet
  6. Phasingbuz

    So I just asked PRS for a guitar...

    I think that Wednesday was an awsome guitar and in my opinion I actually prefered the sound and playability your cu24 to your horizon I also think that the cu24 is more you and fits your style better.
  7. Phasingbuz

    ML-WIN Review

    I hate them damn Chinese! I can't believe it didn't come for my lesson on Wednesday because of the wiring but I was the first person other than svee to see the finished pictures, just got to wait two weeks to play it now!
  8. Phasingbuz

    Blackstar series one

    Anyone played any of the range, they any good?
  9. Phasingbuz

    anyone's xbox broke?

    Mine broke a few months ago and I live in the uk and it got collected within a week of registering that it needed a repair and it got sent to Germany to get repaired and it was back with me in less than a week so I guess I was lucky!
  10. Phasingbuz

    Mayones Regius Pro 6

    I played a regius in my lesson with tml on Friday and we both agreed that it is an awsome guitar, but also this may sound a bit wierd, but it has the nicest back of a guitar both of us have ever seen! It's a beautifully carved natural back which looks and feels stunning. All I can say is that...
  11. Phasingbuz

    Can you name five guitar companies?

    Yesterday me and geneofthebombharvest were playing pgr 4 on xbox live and some kid was being really annoying about everything so we asked him if he had any musical talent and he said yes I can play the guitar, so to see if he was telling the truth we said name five guitar companies and so to...
  12. Phasingbuz

    The final vote for the Monkey Lord signature guitar!

    Design a = epic win :mad:
  13. Phasingbuz

    Vote on my signature guitar!

    I say 3 or 4 im not really bothered although the scratchplate looks hot! Ebony = i will buy it, Maple = i will not buy it ;)
  14. Phasingbuz

    IM LIKE....WTF

    Two words adam.......................She's asian
  15. Phasingbuz

    Tibetan Cloud Dream lesson? Heck yes!

    even though chappers has already tought me this song in one of my lessons I would love to have a video lesson to look back at
  16. Phasingbuz

    Monkey Lord at LIMS 09

    i wish i could go, but it is my mums birthday :mad: FAIL
  17. Phasingbuz

    The official MLF - Post your practice here thread

    Step 1: pick up guitar Step 2: wish it was better Step 3: play mixolydian 3 note per string alt shred Step 4: bluesy improv for a while Step 5: drool over dual terror Step 6: improve mayones solo until fingers want to drop off Step 7: play Mathias arp no more lies - improv solo Step 8: play...
  18. Phasingbuz

    Anyone have an xbox?

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone here has an xbox and if so what is your xbox live gamertag? Mine just so happens to be phasingbuz the same as my mlf username
  19. Phasingbuz

    monkey lords new guitars!!

    After playing all 3 guitars in my lesson last night, the fx is definately the one which stands out for me. Although i do have to say that the baritone is an absolute monster. I rocked out shinobi vs dragon ninja n chappers was lovin it jus like me. The power of the baritone behind a rockerverb...
  20. Phasingbuz

    Coolidge Outlander 100 demo

    Pure win! oh and btw does this mean we as students now get to use the rockerveb instead of the hideous line 6 spider 3?