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  1. everfreetree

    RCF 2018/9 Double Jam! Winter and Spring

    Since I am terrible at recording video, typically, I usually request dog pictures from @GloopyJon , but you may want to send a reasonable amount (5-10) of gear photos, or whatever, depending on your preference :P.
  2. everfreetree

    Everyone's complaining about all of the price increases but....

    Friend of mine put it best when he said "Guitar companies, especially popular budget ones, have a harder time getting away with things, these days. You can't pass off plywood with strings as a beginner instrument, while hoping the buyer has never seen/felt a good guitar up close and won't know...
  3. everfreetree

    Everyone's complaining about all of the price increases but....

    I had written a bunch of crap about a friend who bought a guitar recently for under $300 and how his dad was saying it must suck, cause he had a $200 guitar in the 70s that played like crap or whatever, but as I was trying to break down inflation and the shift in quality for entry level to...
  4. everfreetree

    ML 1 Modern v1 vs v2

    Better fit and finish was implied. Mostly more consistent finishing and quality seem to be their hopes. I have a feeling there will be a bit more work put into the "Standard" line over the next year or so, trying to give it a bit more of an appeal, for the price.
  5. everfreetree

    NGD Part2: Small and delicious...

    Honestly, the only reason I bought it (other than its simple, yet dashing good looks...), was I played a handful of the nicer acoustics this guy had, and this one was my favorite, and the second cheapest, and it played like it was worth the money, to me. So, good on Guild! I do love it, and have...
  6. everfreetree

    NGD Part2: Small and delicious...

    :eek: VERY nice! Gotta love the magnetic soundhole pickups. Also, I like the side-of-the-neck strap button placement, instead of the back of the heel, or no button at all ("traditional style"). Should belt out some killer cowboy tones! M240e, huh... I knew that bugger seemed AWFULLY familiar...
  7. everfreetree

    Worst kept secret NPRSD

    A worn-in, beat-up, lived-in PRS?! SACRILEGE! Beautiful, delicious sacrilege... I'll have more, please, thank you. Congrats on the acquisition.
  8. everfreetree

    NGD Pt1: Strengthening and consolidating...

    Yeeeeah~! That's the ticket! We all need at least one SG in our life, after all, and that certainly does the trick! Very nice.
  9. everfreetree

    For Sale Yamaha Revstar RS820CR Rusty Rat

    Understandable. Sad to see it go, though. Hope the new owner freakin loves it. :eek: Cheeky bugger... *waits for threads*
  10. everfreetree

    RCF 2018/9 Double Jam! Winter and Spring

    I'm gonna try to have a go at one of them, at least. Life remains in limbo, so no promises of getting anything done. I can probably get my temporary recording setup done pretty easily, and use my Vox ToneLab instead of my amp and mic, for a quiet, efficient shortcut... so, maybe? Maybe™...
  11. everfreetree

    When is a NGD not a NGD? When it’s a...

    I miss Joker already, but I do believe I'd get along nicely with Joe, here... Indeed. VERY nicely done. And the wiring is funky, and I like it. I need another Strat...
  12. everfreetree

    What put a smile on your face today?

    I love VW vans. I love dogs. I love Samoyeds, Huskies, Malamutes, Great Danes, Doberman, Goldens, Labs, and Pitbulls (along with many other varieties, but these are some of my favorite breeds of big dog). This is relevant to my interests.
  13. everfreetree

    Snake Oil Fine Instruments

    From what I heard in the live video Rob did from NAMM, he got the idea initially, when someone angrily commented on a video, saying all he does is sell crap and trick poor kids into buying it, and called him a "Snake Oil salesman", and he thought it was funny and ran with it. I enjoy this. And I...
  14. everfreetree

    Snake Oil Fine Instruments

    I believe Chappers questionably stated "Below £200 but above £100", so I'm gonna guess... £179... probably. And, if they look as cool in person as they do in picture/video, and they sound as good as they seem to... I'd have at least one of them, if they are under $200 USD.
  15. everfreetree

    10 Year Gear Challenge...Bring it on!

    My long-gone old bugger of a guitar, the Stellar Mercury 001 (LP copy, obviously). She was decent, but... lacking, in quite a few places (like where someone broke the headstock off, repaired it, but failed to make sure the truss rod worked properly... and it did not). Eventually gave up on...
  16. everfreetree

    Modding my ML1 Modern Pro

    For pickups, get Trembucker spaced pickups, not vintage Humbucker spacing, that will help with the poles lining up from E to e thing (Source: I have a vintage humbucker spaced Seymour Duncan in my ML-3 Modern, it does not line up and needs to be wider, like the Trembucker spaced one would've...
  17. everfreetree

    Anyone else having problems with Chapman guitars?

    Alternatively... the pickups could be installed upside down :P. See if the writing on the back of them is facing the right way (not even kidding, heh).
  18. everfreetree

    The "What pissed you off today" thread

    Thank you all. I've been planning on getting a dog of my own again when I finally move into my own place, and dealing with this has been a good reminder of how difficult caring for an animal can be, sometimes. Still worth it. Every difficulty. Every time.
  19. everfreetree

    The "What pissed you off today" thread

    Thought it was going to be a refreshingly okay day. No such luck. My mom's oldest dog (still seemingly "spry" enough, for a 14 year old Schnauzer) was having some kinda odd troubles recently, and we came home to him being unable to walk, and then having a seizure and losing control of his legs...
  20. everfreetree

    How loud do you play at home?

    While temporarily living with others, I play my acoustic at small-bodied acoustic volumes, or my other guitars through my Vox Tonelab into headphones (I knew this thing would come in handy again). When home, alone, in my neck of the woods... loud enough to rumble windows... With clean tones...