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  1. Wuzza

    Wuzza's Art Adventure (pic heavy)

    Thought I'd post this to contribute a bit as I'm not playing guitar atm, and to give you 'orrible lot something new to read during lockdown. I've got quite a few paintings done so far, some better than others, some still works in progress, some will be covered over I'm sure, and others already...
  2. Wuzza

    Feeler EVH Stripe (yellow) (UK)

    I'm "thinking" of selling my Stripe. As much as I love it, and the neck is probably the best thing I've felt in my hands since censored for the forum, it's just not being used. (and also have the Wolfgang) Guessing around £300 ish, I can probably be easily swayed on that for forumites, can also...
  3. Wuzza

    Lesson please....

    How in the feck does Billy G get that drone note at the start.. Watched a few YT vids, and he's definitely playing it
  4. Wuzza


    A true "engine room", R.I.P. :(
  5. Wuzza

    Heroes of the Storm?

    Anyone? I've been bitten. Usually vs bots, but have a few buddies who I get drunk with and go up against humies. (i'd have to work out how to get my battlenet ID. :))
  6. Wuzza

    Sold WTB Compressor (fairly cheap)

    After a compressor to help me get my funk on. Open to pretty much anything from Tesco Value up. (Hmm, that might be a good pedal case mod :p) Looking around £20-40, 4 knob preferably, battery powerable, (is that a word?) UK based. Anyone have anything suitable?
  7. Wuzza

    Forum Security Issue or Weird Glitch?

    Had a weird thing where I've just come back to look at the forum, and I'm logged in as @ChrisACT :confused: (don't worry dude, I logged straight back out) I did nothing at all on the site, bar being logged in on a background tab.
  8. Wuzza

    Sold MXR Distortion + / Keeley Luna Overdrive

    Both of these pedals are up for grabs. I may be tempted to trade either/both for a compressor. Both fully working. MXR Distortion+ Couple of scuffs on the housing, big footknobs included, boxed. £40 UK posted. Luna Keeley Overdrive. Bought a couple of weeks ago from our own Goatboy. Pretty...
  9. Wuzza


    Some stories start with "Once upon a time" Some start with "Bloody train was late again today" Mine often start with "I got a little drunk" So anyway, I got a little drunk at the weekend, and as I'd been hankering after a small "proper" practice amp, started browsing ebay. I'd been keeping an...
  10. Wuzza

    For Trade Stickers (lots)

    I know some of you like stickers. I have some if anyone is interested. Recently purchased 200 random ones, have taken 10, and happy to post the rest on free of charge to anyone who wants them. (UK only) On the proviso that you take what you want and then post them on to someone else. There's...
  11. Wuzza

    First Single You Bought Yousrelf

    Back in '88, I had a few records bought for me by my folks, Queen - Flash, Morris Minor and the Majors - Stutter Rap (google it, it's awesome :p), and probably a few others I cant remember. It was a Saturday morning, can't remember which program was on (probably something with Keith Chegwin)...
  12. Wuzza

    NGD, Strat GAS Sated. ;)

    Strat GAS has been strong recently, I really want something funky. Thing is, I just can't bond with any of their necks, there's just something that doesn't feel quite right to me. Would also really love a Jaguar, but again they come with neck fail. (must have something to do with my frying pan...
  13. Wuzza

    NAVD (Happy Christmas to me...)

    New Audio/Visual Day. Damn I've caught a bug good and proper. I've been really enjoying editing and creating music recently, but my laptop is an older one, and it struggles at times to keep up with all that hard work. It appears that Santa didn't hear my telepathic wish for something a bit...
  14. Wuzza

    Classic riffs you just MUST know?

    YouTube browsing on a Friday night. Came across Whitesnake's Still of the Night. Realised it contains fantastic riffage, but I've never I've never even tried playing it. What other (preferably hair metal) riffs have I missed 'till now?
  15. Wuzza

    NAD - The One to Rule Them All (three little letters)

    A couple of boxes arrived this morning... Excitement overload! :D The bottom one gives a bit away, but Wallop, the money shot. JVM205H. Took my DSL back, as while it was good, I thought that if I'm going to spend a chunk of cash on an amp, it was better to spend a BIG chunk of cash...
  16. Wuzza

    For Sale Peavey Classic 30

    Next on the block, my US built, Classic 30. Pretty much mint, I couldn't find any scuffs/scratches etc. 3 years old, hardly played and all stock. Beautiful clean tone, does distortion pretty well also. I've not really used it much as it's so frickin loud! It does bedroom levels, but "loud"...
  17. Wuzza

    Sold LTD TE-212

    I debated whether to sell this or not, but I don't use it, and it will fund some mods on my Phoenix. (I know there's a post about this already, but it's definitely going this time, and I want to avoid ebay if possible) Pretty much flawless having probably two or three hours playtime. Have...
  18. Wuzza

    Amp options (Marshall gas)

    Yes I posted one of these last year, but my needs wants have changed.. Lazing in bed yesterday morning I was looking at Tony Mckenzie's site, and saw he mentioned that TSL's can be picked up fairly cheap. Not wanting to rise just yet due to El vino the night before, I headed off to ebay to have...
  19. Wuzza


    New Haul of Stuff Day! Results of my drunken purchase last weekend. 2 Thomann gigbags, really good for the price. A bag for my GT100. Bigbends but sauce, cos what man doesn't need his nuts lubricating? Polytune, how did I cope without being able to tune all 6 strings at once... Slide and...
  20. Wuzza

    RCF Summer Jam 2016

    Time to get your Summer Jam on!!! As voted for by the benevolent doctorpaul. :p I would suggest a closing date of June 26th, which gives you a long time... I'd be happy to throw together the video this time. Any standard file type is fine. Please PM me for the dropbox details. *Edit* Vid...