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  1. AdiHughes

    Forum Special - Free Zoom Lesson

    Hey I've had a blissful break from teaching and am feeling revitalised, to start up again, but in a different way. Rather than doing regular lessons, I'm thinking of doing a "sort your shit out" type lesson (I hope that saying translates ok to non UK members haha!), I charge a bit more, but the...
  2. AdiHughes

    Song Suggestions for Next Jam (or future jams)

    Thought it would be good to have a suggestion thread, it could be ongoing so whenever we come across a good track it can be considered for a current / future jam. Here's a handful to get it going...
  3. AdiHughes

    New Chapter

    Hey folks I need somewhere safe to open up, and this is a good place, but feel free to ignore! Just over 10 years ago, I got seriously ill (bowel disease), was out of work for 3 months and hospitalised, thought my number was up, and had long hard think about life and what I wanted to do. At...
  4. AdiHughes

    Ask the Guitar Teacher

    Hey guys, I have joined and nabbed the handle: asktheguitarteacher The plan is to answer any questions once a week at weekends with video responses, allows upto 2 mins of webcam recording. The reason for doing this, is a little bit of self promotion. I've been writing...
  5. AdiHughes

    Harmonising the Major Scale

    Hi I've just had an article published on Guitar Coach Mag explaining how to harmonise the major scale. I recommend this for anyone looking to start understanding harmony or where modes come from. LINK
  6. AdiHughes

    My Guitar Student, Jack

    Hey Guys This is Jack! We're currently working on performance skills as he's naturally quite shy / nervous, so any encouraging / nice comments would be gratefully received ;)
  7. AdiHughes

    My Guitar Student, Will

    Hey Guys, Introducing one of my young students today, his name is Will and he's been coming for lessons with a family member for a couple of years. Enjoy!
  8. AdiHughes

    Pentatonic Substitution, Article I wrote for Guitar Coach Magazine

    I've been writing away again, this time about the pentatonic scale and superimposition...
  9. AdiHughes

    Rhythm Exercise – Eighth Note Strumming Patterns

    Please check out my latest lesson published on It's an exercise designed to help improve rhythm playing, whilst creating new strumming patterns.
  10. AdiHughes

    Learning Scales - Article I wrotenened for RGT

    Hey! I recently wrote an article for the RGT which has been published on their website (my 1st published article, so quite pleased :) ) on learning scales. Please take a read: Learning Scales Me
  11. AdiHughes

    Youth Music Service being Axed - Help

    Salisbury's youth service where you can hire a room and equipment for next to nowt is being axed. Its where I learnt the trade and where all of the local bands are born, and have been for many generations. It would be tragic for Salisbury's youngsters / young musicians if this actually happens...
  12. AdiHughes

    How to be a Guitar Teacher?

    Hi I get asked a lot of questions about being a guitar teacher from students and friends who are either curious or wanting to take the job up themselves. So, with there being little literature available online about the subject, I decided to start working on a series of videos that talk about...
  13. AdiHughes

    My Slide Guitar Student Steve

    Hi Y'all! I'd like to introduce you to one of my students, Steve. He's a really nice dude, and we have great fun in the lessons. If anyone would please be kind enough to leave a positive comment on YT it would be much appreciated ;)
  14. AdiHughes

    My 1st Interview as a Guitar Teacher...

    Hey, So I've just had my 1st interview (excluding band interviews) published, a little bit nervy when there's no drummer / singer / bassist etc to share the blame with! Anyhow, it's nice to have a friendly forum to share it with - feel free to ask any questions :) Interview link :eek:
  15. AdiHughes

    Creating Dynamic Blues Phrasing - 5 Techniques

    Hey, there's millions of blues lick lessons, but not many on how to phrase them with dynamics, so here's a little lesson expaining my approach to this matter... Hope you enjoy :)
  16. AdiHughes

    Website Relaunch

    Hi! I've taken some previous advice from this forum and let a web designer do the web design :) Please take a look, I hope you like it!!!
  17. AdiHughes

    Departing Sanity - Debut EP Out Now

    I'm delighted to announce the release of my 1st EP, Departing Sanity, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it! Adi :)
  18. AdiHughes

    Accelerated Learning Technique

    Accelerated Learning Technique When learning an instrument, the manner in which we structure our practise can make or break our musical development. As busy people, we need to ensure that our practise is structured for maximum efficiency, so that we can progress and explore our creative side...
  19. AdiHughes

    Motivate Yourself to Practise Guitar - 3 Tips

    Hi Guys I thought this would be the best place to share this lesson, I hope you find it useful!
  20. AdiHughes

    Writing an EP

    Hi Guys I've very much been a slave to others of late: playing covers, teaching covers, playing in other peoples bands / styles... So, I thought **** it, I'll do something for myself and decided to write an EP. It's too tempting to work for the chequebook (who needs food hey :rolleyes: ) all...