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  • Congratulations on the baby, and the new Chapman line up for 2017. All the new guitars are beautiful, but I still will be sticking with my blue ghost fret until I have some more money.
    Hi there Rob can you tell me what the bridge pickup spacing is on the ghost fret and any necessary things I need to know before installing Bareknuckle covered pickups into my guitar. The help would be appreciated.
    Congratulations to you and Natassja on your baby! Can't wait to see the pricing and color options for the ML3 Rabea Signature Baritone. I'm saving for one for this Christmas! Best wishes to you and all your friends.
    Wondering if you were interested in making a short scale mahogany hard tailed Ml-1? I was thinking of a 2 pickup selection a humbucker on the bridge and a single coil on the neck. I was thinking of a high output metal tone for the bridge. For the neck I was thinking of kind of a Gilmour/Clapton tone. Volume knob, tone knob, coil splits, Any thoughts?
    Hey Chappers,
    Just wondering, are you thinking of maybe doing another tour with the Drills in the near future cause I think that'd be great.
    Hey Chappers,

    Not sure if you've had this question before but I'll throw it out there!
    I have two sounds I need for two different projects; blues/pop and heavy rock.

    Is it better to go for something like a V40 and use pedals to create a dirt channel (*cough Henchman cough*)
    Go for something like a V30 which has the dirt channel, but at the cost of the cleans achieved by a single channel?

    Video idea maybe?
    Sir, you have achived 58,000 comments more than your Slash shootout with over 1 million views, with your competition.
    I wanted to thank you somehow after watching your videos I decided to pick up the guitar again i tried a long time ago to start playing and i could not keep up after watching your reviews and informational videos on youtube I was inspired to give it another try because now after hearing you play and your band i really felt amazed so thx alot man
    Hi bro, just I thought I'd know out of courtesy that I'm selling the Halloween custom ML1 I didn't want your find out from anyone else.
    Yeeeeelllow Chapman!! I got a quick question... With the new ml3's coming out ..will they have a satin finish too??? Because I would love to see them with a satin finish personally..... I was just wondering what they will look like......... Thanks!!!!
    Hi Rob, could you please let me know the terms of ordering bunch of Chapman guitars? Thinking of probable shipment to Russia
    Greetings Rob, let me first start out by saying how much you have influenced me to play guitar again...Thank you so much!!!! I have been a huge fan of the Andertons/Rob Chappman video channels, they have brought many a laughs and so much useful info. I would also like to congratulate you on the chapman guitars venture and wish all the best,Keep up the good work and thank you once again.

    Chris the states
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