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  • If you going to have an argument at least have the decency to do it via PM to stop clogging up threads, thank you.

    just noticed the sig. no idea how long its been there. apologies if it was aimed at me :(
    Ah! You changed your profile pic again, I'm all confused :P Assuming that's your guitar collection it looks very nice, loving the green on the T-style :)
    You! I apprechiate your "If you want to argue PM stop clogging up threads!" Schpieal on your signature! I approve of it muchly! :) x
    Sweetie! I know your sig wasn't aimed at me! Just trying to make it a bit more light hearted on the sig side of things as it got a little tetchy on the sig thread. If we anti and pro annoying signature people can unite and be happy folk and live peacefully with our differences, the forum will be a beautiful place! Also, I love your new profile pic :) xxx
    Sleeping pattern is basically back to normal :D first bay back at college after 2-3 weeks off... hope i can catch up with what ive missed...
    why the hell cant i have a normal sleeping pattern :( its 5:50 am and im still not tired. hello a 4pm wake up :(
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