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    Oiling Fret Board

    And what happens when maple starts to go black? :((
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    Oiling Fret Board

    And what happens when maple starts to go black? :((
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    NAMM 2009

    Looks like you guys had fun!
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    Jizz in my pants...

    You should see the looks you get it... When its on loud in your car with the window down...
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    Who/What Inspired You To Play Guitar?

    Two words.. Paulo Gilberto :)
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    So how many of you are UGers?

    Man.. please dont bring UG here ;> I can imagine... Sex thread again.. hahaha..
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    Kicking out band members

    Give him the real reason.. Otherwise he wont learn :)
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    Oiling Fret Board

    Does anyone know how often you should oil a fretboard? I know Ebony doesnt need it and that.. But what about a Maple Fretboard? and Rosewood for that matter
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    What Guitar Do You Play?

    I love them man, theyre awesom!
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    Scales and Speed

    Hi mate, the key to speed is to be slow and accurate. Find a nice picking lick.. like Paul Gilbert Technical Difficulties. Practise it at like 50bpm and get it perfect. Build that up month by month. Also dont cheat.. Your only cheating yourself. Accurate picking and slow build up of speed.
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    Changing Strings

    There are so many different ways, there was a good video on youtube but i cant find it. :< - have a look around mate
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    Homework for the Monkey Lord

    Thats a pretty cool idea youve got with the mags. You gotta love george ;)
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    JCM800 Replacement

    Laney GH50L's are pretty sililar to JCM 800's if your looking for a similar amp The VH series are also worth a look
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    Are Tube Amps Really Worth It?

    Tube amp = tone SS amp = raw Tube amp = tend to be more expensive higher end ss amp = good value for money
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    The MLF official pwnd, fail, win and motivational thread

    hahaha wtf! epic ink fail