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    What put a smile on your face today?

    Preordered the new Satch album. In addition to including an autographed poster, it also included an "instant gratification" download folder, which included two songs from the album. That's how album preorders should work.
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    Band logo

    Can you give me two days? I've taken graphic design courses, love messing around in photoshop with what I learned in them, and I just got a new computer I want to test the graphical capabilities of, but it's a MacBook Pro and I need my USB disc drive to arrive on the 1st of July to be able to...
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    Remembering that, as broke as I am, I am still worth more than the entire country of Greece.
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    The "What pissed you off today" thread

    Working on mixing a song, and everything is going great and I'm really happy with it, then suddenly when I put a compressor onto the synth track, all of the other compressors reset themselves. Then while I was fixing them, the DAW crashed. An hour of work gone, because my computer is old and...
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    Thank god my brother talked me into watching Parks & Rec.
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    Getting past stagnation?

    So I feel like my playing hasn't gone much of anywhere in around a year or so. Part of this is because I haven't been able to play much - due to the workload I took the past two semesters that has set me up to graduate early, I had multiple months-long stretches in that time where I didn't touch...
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    Fender "sock it" to the dealers !

    G&L is the only real brand other than those that would be effected. I doubt they're really going to push to try and get a company like Ibanez taken out of shops because RGs look like strats and that sort of thing. Nothing unites like a common enemy, and if Fender starts going after other real...
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    Opinions on a Rob Chapman Subreddit?

    I've been looking for an excuse to make a Reddit account, so I'd be down for it.
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    Fender "sock it" to the dealers !

    I honestly don't see the problem with this. All of us know there are countless little brands who make no guitars of their own original design and just copy the big brands that John Doe who doesn't know jack about gear will buy because it looks like his guitar hero's axe and is cheaper and...
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    After almost a decade of having to use Marth instead, Roy is finally coming home. :D Ignore my Smash Bros obsessiveness
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    Happy Birthday dear Monkey Lord

    Happy birthday Rob!
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    Thick-necked bass?

    tl;dr I've been using a P Bass for years, and a problem that's been recurring is that its neck is awkward for me to use. I have big hands, and the narrower width and shallower neck shape(Measured at the nut between my strat and my bass, 1.75" vs 1.5" and 0.6" vs 0.9", respectively) causes my...
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    NGD - Semi Hollow Oops

    You goddamn bastard. I have wanted a red dot 335 since I was 15, and not only do you manage to snag one, but you find one with a beautiful subtle top and you, unlike me, can actually afford it(On that note, how the hell do you make enough from one weekend's gigs to cover a 335 I assume cost at...
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    Amateur football team I've been covering for three years since their first season won their championship today :D Now to pester the owner about whether or not I can get a ring...
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    DIY isolation panels?

    I have pushed my amp as loud as I can get it before I get people yelling at me to turn it down, I have tried different angles with multiple microphones, I have tried different guitars, different strings, different everything, and yet because of the dinky little cramped basement corner I have my...