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    Advise on selling a ML-1...

    This is pretty much spot on
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    will kemper kill amp gas?

    Kemper is great Amp is great Can the Kemper replace multiple amps? Yes If you are leaning towards a Kemper then go for it - you literally cant lose. If you dont like it they are easy to sell. Im considering buying one again
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    Photos on the forum aren't working.

    You are correct sir...
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    I have returned!

    Been slow with the pics of new stuff. Will take some this weekend. I have been busy moving jobs! How is everyone?
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    I have returned!

    Thanks for all the welcome backs! I have a few new guitars. I’ll take a few pics later. Haven’t been buying much lately
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    I have returned!

    Well after a fairly long period away I have returned. Still have too many guitars, not playing live as much as I used to(still gig every week) longer have a Kemper - replaced it with a Mesa Mark IV, Mesa Tremoverb and Marshall JVM...I also have less hair than I used to. That’s about it :-)
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    A year in the guitar world

    Said I’d better come back and see how everyone is doing :-)
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    A year in the guitar world

    I farted...
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    THE Pickup thread

    I have a Dually Red. That is fairly hot!!
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    NGD ... The Number of the Jackson

    It makes no odds - he spends half the night throwing the guitar around rather than playing it
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    Dorje Gear Stolen

    You have no idea what you are talking about then. Don't state things as fact when you aren't sure of the details. macOS is based on BSD. Sure the interface is user friendly - does that somehow make someone who uses it less tech savvy? I use Linux a lot and have applications running on a few...
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    NGD ... The Number of the Jackson

    That LP Custom that Janick was playing is an Epiphone!
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    Dorje Gear Stolen

    What nonsense are you babbling on about? 1. iCloud from Apple is free for up to 5gb. Its 0.99 for 50gb storage 2. Anyone can use Dropbox, OneDrive or Google drive - it doesn't matter if you are on Windows or Mac OS. 3. Why would someone who uses a Mac or iPhone be considered lower end Tech...
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    Sold My Spare Chapman Guitar Strap

    Harsh...but funny :)
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    Wireless Guitar System.

    The Sennhesier and Line6 stuff gets my vote. Tried and tested over countless gigs. Audio Technica and Shure stuff always work very well