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  • Hi I bought an ML-1 and everything is fine on it but when i select middle or front pickups i get a horrible buzz but humbucker is okay, i have played guitar for years but I know nothing about whats inside them so could you tell me whats up so i could fix this?
    Hello Darfuria!
    I've ordered online a Chapman ML-2 and requested to have the Chapman signature logo on the case. They replied that wouldn't be possible, as there isn't a Chapman case. I saw a video (http://youtu.be/1_nhfrOLqR8) with someone unboxing a brand new ML-2, and the case had a huge Chapman signature logo on top. Can you explain me how could I have that logo on the case?
    Miguel Aguiar
    Hey, dude. How's it going? On the Chapman bass pledge list the e in my surname was missed out and I think that because of that I wasn't e-mailed about the secret listing or any of the votes and have gotten a little out of the loop :S
    In my haste to get through the signing up process I didn't realize that my full name would be my display name. As there seems to be no way to change that in my account settings I was pointed in your direction. I would like my display name to read Izlsnizzt (IZLSNIZZT in caps), with a capital 'i' in the begining, rather than my full name: Brian McNulty.

    Thanks in Advance if you can help me!
    Brian \m/
    Hi Dan, is there any chance of setting up some sort of tab share thingymabob on the forum, sort of like ultimate guitar tab only more epic!
    Thanks a ton! I was going through a bunch of Rob's old videos and remembered how much I missed it here. So... I'm back again. Hope to help out and add some interesting information in any way I can.
    Hey - thanks for sorting out the camping 'upgrade' stuff - name for the guest list is Neil Ruff (hence lienffur - not the most imaginative user name in the world!). Cheers!
    thanks! i dont want to bother, is just that i read some comment that says that the thread is gonna be locked and the votations gonna take place on monkey fest :S, and sounds quite official, so i freak out :P. Sorry again fo bother u. cheers from colombia.
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