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    Good and bad tone days

    I do think weather plays a part in the tone we hear. If it is humid it seems to effect the way sound moves. As to an earlier post on this thread, I agree that barometric pressure can make you hear things differently. I play mostly at a church. Every week it seems I have to tweak my tone. It is...
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    How a guitar should look? The RULES...

    For colors here are my rules: SG's should always be cherry. Tele's in butterscotch. Strats and Paul's can be any color except Black. Les pauls should have a quilt or flame top with a see thru finish. I don't like matte finishes. For pick ups I like configuration to be to traditional. SSS...
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    To Top Wrap or not to Top Wrap? Hmmmmm... *rubs chin*

    I like the top wrap. It looks cool and unusual. It is Rock and Roll after all.
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    Are Chapman Guitars coming to Musicians Friend anytime soon?

    I was very excited to hear that Chapman Guitars are being sold through Guitar Center. I prefer to do business with their sister company Musicians Friend. Is there any word of when Chapman may be sold through Musicians Friend?
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    Intervals- Shape of Color. I think Aaron Marshall has the perfect single coil tone!
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    The Merry Christmas 2017 Thread!

    Merry Christmas to you all in Rob Chapper's land!
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    Improving Your Modal Feel

    Improving your modal feel Modes are really cool tools to use in writing and playing. I think the way in which I learned modes was a bit confusing and left me unable to really applying them correctly. I learned modes from a scale book. It gave good instructions on what they were and looked...
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    Hi Guys!

    Hi Adam! It is nice to meet you.
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    Jazz it Up! Minor 7's and Major 7's

    Thanks and have fun!
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    Although I love metal. I have been listening to some country chicken pickin'. I am mostly listening to John 5 and Johnny Hiland. Been also watching some Albert Lee YT videos.
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    Jazz it Up! Minor 7's and Major 7's

    Here is a tip. I haven't seen many posts or articles that talk about this subject. It was something I kinda just ran into while jamming. Let's say you just wrote a cool melody line and you decided to back it with typical major chords, or maybe you are wanting to cover a song that uses major...
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    Cooking and Recipes

    Are there any cooks here? Please share some of your favorite recipes.
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    the g.a.s thread.

    Boss katana 112 100w and a katana mini as a travel companion.
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    What would your Signature Chapman look like?

    I don't think I could ever choose just 1 guitar and once I chose the spec for my signature, I would change my mind the next day. So today my signature would be a ML2, HSH, coil tap only on the bridge pickup. Master volume knob on the cut away (like a Gretch), set maple neck, Ash body, maple...
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    Diminished Scales, Soloing in a Major Key

    My apologies if this is common knowledge that I missed or someone has already posted something similar. I will preface this post with, I am NO theory expert. As a youngster, before all guitar knowledge was on YT, I wanted to play aggressive, heavy, dark sounding Metal. So armed with my trusty...