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    Install Piezos in ML3 Bea?

    Just out of curiosity, when you decked your bridge, did you have an issue with rattly/buzzy strings? Specifically on the low E string ? I’m having that issue. It’s not coming through on the amp, but it’s quite buzzy acoustically.
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    ML3 Bea Neck pickup

    I'm actually a fan of the Henchman pickups. I watched so many demos online of Bea promoting his guitars, and the pickups sold me. I'm keeping mine stock. Similarly, I had an ML1-Pro Modern, and I swapped to some Duncans, and ended up putting the Sonorous pickups back in, and I preferred...
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    ML3 Bea Neck pickup

    UPDATE: I just measured. Mine is 53mm. I believe that would be the wide spacing. (Or Trembucker if you went Duncan/F spaced with Dimarzio)
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    ML3 Bea Neck pickup

    I think the ML1-Bea had a Floyd (correct me if I’m wrong). I have the ML3-Bea and it’s a Wilkinson wave 2-point trem. Measure from the centre of the high E to the low E string (above the bridge pickup). If it is around 53-54 mm, it’s the wide spacing. If it is 50mm or a bit less, it’s the...
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    Modding my ML1 Modern Pro

    Would be pretty simple. Get a 3-way blade selector to fit that same space, and when you wore the pickups, follow a simple 2 Humbucker with 3-way switch and 1 vol 1 tone diagram like you can find on the Seymour Duncan website. You’ll likely Solder together the North finish and South finish...
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    Affordable Bea models on the horizon

    That nickel cover actually looks great with that finish.
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    ML1 Pro Experience

    The trick with truss rods is to adjust slow and no more than quarter turn at a time. Don’t force anything.
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    Modding my ML1 Modern Pro

    I swapped my ML1-Pro modern pups for some Duncans and ended up going back to the Chapmans. But I can confirm the trembucker spacing was needed for the bridge pickup. If you measure from E to E over the pickup it will be around 53 mm which is wide spacing ( or trembucker)
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    ML1-Pro Modern - neck profile /feel?

    I had an ML1-Pro Modern. And I have an LTD ec-1000. The ML1 Neck is a little bit chunkier than the eclipse and I think had a bit wider feel (wider string spacing). But it’s similar to the shape. I found the ML1 to be a great shape and size. Not a fat neck but like others said, not flat and...
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    Help finding Saddle length screws for Chapman

    Missing screw. I tested one of the other screws in the saddle to make sure it wasn’t worn out. Thanks for the link
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    Help finding Saddle length screws for Chapman

    Thanks. I sent an email. Waiting for a reply. I couldn't find any info on their website though, as any of the links I tried went to a page in another language with an error. :facepalm: I was on the official GOTOH website.
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    Help finding Saddle length screws for Chapman

    Hi all, does anybody know what screws the ML3-Bea uses for saddle intonation length? This is for the Wilkinson WVP wave 2.0 tremolo. I need a replacement and it is very difficult to find this info. Is the screw Metric? Imperial? Thanks for any help.
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    Supplies drying up in Canada

    Ok. I have the new Bea sig now. I’m really liking the Henchman pickups. Padauk necks are both fantastic too.
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    ML-1 Pro Modern - Loose Volume Poti

    I was going to suggest the contact cleaner spray. I would suggest replacing the pot. Just make sure to get the correct size, rating (500k), taper type, shaft length and style (probably split shaft). This is also a good opportunity if you want to do an upgrade, and get a high-end pot if you...
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    ML3 semi hollow pre-order in Canada

    As far as I can tell. Semi hollow is about $160 more than ML3 Pro. That roasted maple neck just looks great. Just the name “roasted maple” sounds tasty. (it’s a Canadian thing...)