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    Egmond Princess. Late '60's semi-acoustic
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    For Sale PRS SE Singlecut in Tobacco Sunburst

    PRS SE Singlecut in Tobacco Sunburst With PRS gig bag Excellent condition. Looking for £280.00 Collection only, Wokingham (mid-berkshire) area.
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    Shop Experience Thread

    On the road for a Blackstar HT 20 (but open minded to sensible alternatives ) First Stop, Guitar Village, Farnham "I see you have an HT 20 in stock" "Yep" "Can I try it out" "Sure...." It doesn't work. Sigh. "When will you get another one in?" "Hmm.. if...
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    Acoustic songs to learn?

    Anything by Michael Hedges
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    Write A New Lick Day - Jan 2012

    something daft :)
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    Best Guitar Pic of 2011?

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    WTB Fender Jaguar

    I'm after a Fender Jaguar, right handed, will consider anything but not squire, blacktop or modern player. playability most important, not worried about usual dings and dongs. Not after anything vintage as this will be a gigging guitar (and I don't have ££££!). Cheerio Monkey Minions! Rob
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    Skyrim Thread \m/

    While I shred, my son spent all day doing this:
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    entry level vs mid vs high end and set-up

    I'm after a telecaster for chrimbo so popped into Guitar Village in Farnham (EPIC PLACE OF WIN!) to try some out. The name on the headstock doesn't bother me, just the sound and playability. Having trawled through a number of nice looking guitars it struck me that the squire tele's needed a...
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    My friends son needs a hand... literally

    That's my boy, literally :) I offered to teach him to play but said it would have to be hendrix style (turn my strat round and fret right handed) or become the greatest f*cking slide player ever :) he has still to take me up either offer. But one day ... Cheers Rob J.
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    The next affordable Chapman Guitar \m/

    What do folks thing about scale (neck) length ? I sometimes struggling with the standard strat 25.5" scale length. A 25" scale length (e.g PRS) is much more comfortable for those of us who don't have Steve Vai spider fingers. Downside is a short neck does not lend itself as well to dropped...
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    North Atlantic Oscillation <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
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    Storm The Charts and Ta ML

    First up, thanks to the ML for getting me back into playing guitar after 15 years if idleness :D The three personal video lessons that where etched onto CD by the ML's own laser eyes are pure gold and got me into a mind-set of calm, considered practise that I'd lacked! This spurred me on and...
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    Aria PRO II XX Flying V

    Stuck it on ebay :) <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dZViewItem</a><!-- m -->
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    Aria PRO II XX Flying V

    My old dad picked one of these up from a boot sale :rolleyes: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> The necks very worn. Body less so, all hardware works. Would probably...