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    Dear Monkey Lord (4x12 cab)

    Do you prefer 4x12 slant cabs or straight cabs? If you were allowed only 1 cab on stage, would it be slanted or straight?
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    what strings do you use?

    Hey Chappers, what strings and gauges do you use?
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    The PRS Thread

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    Practice Amp Suggestions

    This is easy... Fender Super Champ XD (15 watts - 2 channels) or Vibro Champ XD (5 watts - single channel) I bought the SC XD for my apartment and couldn't get it beyond volume level 2.
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    What Guitar Do You Play?

    I said the same:D Its called Charcoal Burst.
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    The PRS Thread

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    Post Your Rig

    Lets see your rig.
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    What Guitar Do You Play?

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    Presents for The Monkey Lord

    What would The Monkey Lord want? Gold? Silver? Sweaty female apes? Jewels?