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    Scalloped frets?

    personally if i was going to get a scalloped fret guitar, i would do it on the higher frets, it would be to much of a pain when doing chords (especially power chords) to keep a light touch and what not, but i wouldnt know cuz ive never tried one :D but if your a straight up shredder and u like...
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    What's the top 3 albums your listening to now??

    1. White Pony/Saturday Night Wrist- Deftones 2. Renegades- Rage Against the Machine 3. Karma and Effect- Seether (not really in order of favorite) Some very well done albums even if you dont like them so i would recommend them to anyone
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    Recording software

    what's a nice cheap mic since nobody is asking i have a digital camera with an awful mic which is what has been really holding me back from making youtube videos and what not
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    umm $200 at the most, $70-90 is preferable or cheaper :D i do play a kind of rage against the machine style but im not actually a fan of tom morello's tone >P but i play a lot of different stuff too, so versatility is key for me not a big shredder, but i do add little melodies and all that good...
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    Thanks guys :D i think ill give another look at the Vox Wah guess ill just figure out the whammy pedal later
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    ok so i got a Boss Pitch Shifter and a Morely Power Wah Volume Pedal and im going to ignore the details of how i got them. i love the functions on the pitch shifter but lately i kind of wish i had a whammy pedal, since more control seems a bit more practical. so what do you guys think would be...