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    THE Recording Thread

    for micing amps I often use a sm-57 and an AT4030 condensor as a distant mic...great big tonez. you don't have to limit to a sm-57 in the speaker
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    Japanese Guitars

    ESP M1---(the beast) ESP Vintage Plus Strat both are custom shop quality, without the custom shop price
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    Nostalgic Pedals

    back when I started... the only pedals I was able to find and own was an EH big muff and an EH lpb-1( a small box that plugged into the amp input).. that was in 74. I used the lpb-1 to overdrive my fender bandmaster sounded like crap but atleast had some fuzz to it. now those pedals...
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    Hail the Les Paul

    les paul baby..i love mine. don't buy new, people... just find a used beauty out there (lots of them) learn to play ..than pay (not the other way around)
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    Horribly upsetting noise complaints

    I must be an oddball,, I get up at 5 am to go to work and put in 10-12 hr days...if someone is plunking around on their guitar at 2:00 am every morning I would get tired of it too... now I'm not saying anyone is doing wrong,,, I don't see how an unplugged guitar would wake me up...? but if...
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    All is forgiven Gibson

    Gibson is very deeply planted in the metal realm...Iommi , Hetfield ..ect
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    The *In My Opinion* Thread

    +1 +2
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    Guitar storage!

    here's my preferred system , old school but works great for my needs of protecting the investment
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    Songs about Rivers

    Nevermore - The River Dragon has come
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    axl badwater strat

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> any opinions or experience with these guitars from the simian horde ??.. the wife ordered one for my b-day tomorrow... I'll post pics or a review when...
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    Fender telecaster (mexican) vs. ML1

    I'll be very honest and say that the ml1 is a better guitar for the money... as far as materials,, ebony fretboard ,, quality nut, mahogony body, thin finish,plus the ml1 looks unique. I have not played or touched the ml1 but the fact that Rob insisted on quality to build upon makes it a...
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    my first vid

    thanks for the comments ..I'll post some much better stuff in a few days,, I'm more of a rocker than the vid might suggest I did this mainly to try out my camera than anything, and like i said I had a few brews in me,, kinda sloppy ..heheheh. I hope some more people post some of their playing...
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    Good but cheap pickups ML1

    ....good choice,,, for the money
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    Pickups? off the volume is over-rated ....let it rip
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    what strings do you use?

    D'Addario XL 10-46 not the greatest but what I'm used to