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    hendrix vs van halen

    of course hendrix as a whole is better and let me point out this is not a slag ppl off thread i want some help here! i say hendrix all round is better cuz he sang and wrote deep and very moving political and spirtual songs about freedom him being black and native american! also of course he was...
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    chappers vs phil x

    yes yes
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    3 mini humbucks or 3 normal humbucks

    jesus my head is spinin' lol thanks chickenhead would look cool! i was thinkin on a firebird
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    3 mini humbucks or 3 normal humbucks

    can you turn a 3 p up style gibson into a 5switch option?
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    More of my film music, please give feedback :)

    did they get you to do the music!? dude that was awesome i fuckin loved it serious that was i reckon perfect for th film and i'm hard to impress
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    3 favourite net guitarists

    i,chappers ii,phil x iii,chatreeo
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    chappers vs phil x

    that really is a myth we should not knock players but of course there are better and worse players why is it naughty to say so1?
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    chappers vs phil x

    is phil x beteer than chappers! i think it would be close
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    Do you believe in aliens?

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    chappers vs phil x

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> new fretted americana vid
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    chappers vs phil x

    the dude is in his 40s he looks mid 20s!
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    chappers vs phil x

    100%fuckincent right both these guys are very cool and are not in anyway up their own arse! rob an phil doin a vid 2gether would be awesome!
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    What happens when you mix; cocky, bad kit and weird.

    love how this started with ppl slaggin and when it was pointed out the thread changed to "hey dont you hate haters" sad have your own mind if you think sumats shit say it and stand by it god, ihnoeoo
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    chappers vs phil x

    phil is such a cool guy